Picture this: a stunning kitchen, each design element in harmony, but the true star? Black granite countertops. Choosing the right backsplash for such a commanding feature can be daunting. Should it dazzle, or whisper elegance?

This article will guide you through selecting a backsplash that not only complements black granite but also enhances your kitchen’s overall ambiance.

You’ll delve into a variety of materials—from glass backsplash designs to slate tiles—each offering unique aesthetic appeals and practical benefits.

Additionally, understand the key factors like longevity, maintenance, and color schemes that align with your lifestyle needs.

By the finale, you will be equipped to make a choice that stands the test of time, brilliantly transforming your culinary space into a masterpiece of design and function.

What Backsplash Goes With Black Granite

Backsplash Material Visual Appeal Maintenance Cost Compatibility with Black Granite
Glass Tiles Modern, sleek Low; easy to clean High Excellent; adds a glossy finish
Ceramic Tiles Classic, versatile Moderate; stain-resistant Moderate Great; comes in many colors and styles
Stainless Steel Industrial, modern Low; easy to wipe down Higher Good; complements modern themes
Stone Tiles Rustic, natural High; needs sealing Varies greatly Good; natural stones contrast well
Subway Tiles Timeless, trendy Moderate; easy upkeep Low to moderate Excellent; offers a clean look

Black granite kitchen countertops are still a good choice for modern kitchens. Absolute black, on the other hand, is the darkest colour because it doesn’t let in or doesn’t let out any light. It is truly a colour without a tone.

Nevertheless, when we’re trying to find what backsplash goes with black granite black granite countertops, there can be a lot of options. Then don’t be afraid! This is how it works: We have looked into the most popular modern kitchens backsplash combinations to go with black granite countertops, so you should see all the choices available in one spot!

What is Black Granite?

Image source: Stone Action

Rock that looks like black granite is called diabase, basalt or gabbro. It can also be called black granite. It is a popular building material that can be used both inside and outside. It comes in a wide range of colors, from pure black with little striations to blacks with secondary colours like white, grey, blue, brown, green, or gold. Most of the time, it is Absolute Black granite or Black Pearl granite, but it can also be other types.

For its sharp and bold looks, black granite is a favourite. It has a natural beauty and is very durable. Black granite is a smart investment and a practical choice for anyone who wants to add sophistication to their homes. It has been used as a countertop in modern style kitchens.

Should Your Backsplash Match Your Countertop?

Kitchen backsplashes are often left out of the first stages of kitchen design. If you have a kitchen with a backsplash, however, it’s not just to protect the walls. A new look for the kitchen can be given by them.

Matching, mixing, and contrasting colours and patterns are three ways to mix and match countertops and backsplash tiles, as shown in this video. Have fun with the shapes and sizes of backsplash tiles when you choose a backsplash for your kitchen.

If you have black granite countertops, unique backsplash ideas for them will give you a lot of options when it comes to material, style, and colour.

Consider how much each option costs, how long it lasts, how easy it is to keep clean, and how good it looks.

When it comes to ceramic tiles, for example, they are the most affordable. Ceramic tile comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, and finishes. I think it’s almost impossible not to find a colour match for your granite countertops. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, have a certain look that you may or may not like. Even if you don’t like the look of your backsplash, you might want to add your own touch to it.

Check out all of the backsplash ideas for black granite countertops and choose the one that you like the best, then buy it.

Black Granite Countertops with Backsplash Combinations

Image source: Wright-Ryan Homes

For a black granite countertop, you can use a lighter colour for the backsplash, or you can use a darker colour if you want a more dramatic look for your kitchen, like a black one. Perhaps the more common design choice for today’s kitchens are the black granite countertops because most people now prefer white materials for their dark counters.

Subway Tiles

Image source: WINN Design+Build

Black granite countertops and white cabinetry make a great match for white subway tiles, dark white-grey mosaic tiles, dark or black colour subway tiles. To make your room brighter, use a light colour backsplash (white subway tile for example) in combination with black granite countertops. To make your room look more modern, use a dark colour backsplash to match your taste. White subway tiles can be used to make a great backsplash for dark countertops, especially black granite countertops.

In terms of what to put on the wall, a subway tile backsplash would cover all of your questions about what to put on it. There are also Carrara marble and glass subway backsplashes that you can choose from, too.

Mosaic Tiles

Image source: Steve

They are usually made of glass, porcelain or ceramic and are usually about 2 inches or 5 centimetres in size, but they can be any size. It can be square or rectangular, and it’s usually easy to find at your local home improvement store.

This is because mosaic tiles go well with black granite countertops because of the many different shades it comes in, which makes them a good match. When you choose the right colour of mosaic tiles for your backsplash, look at the colours of the flecks, streaks, or veins on your black granite countertop to help you. These colours can help you figure out how to make your kitchen look like it goes together. Putting blue and white mosaic backsplash tiles on the back of a cooktop with black granite is so interesting.

Remember not to mix mosaic tile backsplash with black granite that has a lot of patterns. This will make your kitchen less overwhelming and distracting. An example of a good way to use this pairing is to put cool grey mosaic tiles on the backsplash and polished Absolute Black Granite on the countertop.

White Marble

Image source: Yankee Barn Homes

A black granite countertop with a marble backsplash is a great match for a home with black granite. A white and grey marble backsplash is one of the best types of countertops for white and grey marble.

This modern design shows a way of looking at things that shows that beauty can be found in simplicity. The black emerald pearl countertop and the custom-designed and cut white marble backsplash tile work well together to add to the contemporary look of the room. This will work well if you like a minimalist look.

White marble is simple but elegant. It is one of the best backsplash ideas for black granite countertops. It is great for giving the space a little bit of contrast. In this way, white marble backsplashes give any space a fresh feel, while the absolute black countertop breaks up the monotony.


Image source: Tate Studio Architects

It’s possible to make a tile backsplash out of the same stone as the countertop. Black granite countertops with a black granite backsplash can work well together. Black granite countertops with a dark backsplash and dark cabinets can look really good together.

This can make everything look the same, which can be very nice. Decide where on the slab you want to make your backsplash. Then, you can start to put the slab together. Add a matching granite backsplash to your counter and you’ll get even more out of your granite counter. With granite on the wall that matches your countertop, people can get a sense of what it looks like and how it’s made.

Colour Combinations for Black Granite Countertops

There are a few things to think about when you have black granite countertops in your kitchen.

For most granite countertops, this is the colour scheme that most people use:

Black granite countertops are usually paired with white or beige cabinets to give the kitchen a timeless look. If your kitchen has a lot of windows, this colour scheme looks very good. The extra light contrasts well with the dark granite colour.

Black granite countertops can make the kitchen look smaller. This may not be something you want so don’t combine them with black cabinets. On the other hand, white cabinets create the lighter effect, widen the space visually. Therefore, if you want your kitchen to look better, avoid matching black granite surfaces with dark cabinets or dark backsplash tiles. Choose white cabinets better. You don’t want to make the kitchen seem smaller by adding a lot of extra counter space. Instead, in contrast to white cabinets, it will become the centre of attention in your whole kitchen.

You can use stones as a backsplash, but depending on the colour of the cabinets you can always pick a little lighter tone than the countertop.

In planning a kitchen, people often choose black granite and white cabinetry to make it stand out. White and black are a great mix of colours, with dark hardwood floors and white and grey backsplash. It’s likely that people think black is the opposite of white both inside and outside, but when it comes to countertops, they really feel the same way. Join the world of black granite and white cabinetry, and you’ll never go out of style again.

On detail can also bring up to the entire kitchen design and it is placing stainless steel appliances around. Black and silver are never getting old, such a perfect pair. But, of course, buying and positioning stainless steel appliances comes later, but it is good to keep it in mind when picking out dark colored cabinetry, dark color backsplash tile, dark or light-coloured flooring, and of course – countertop material.

FAQ On What Backsplash Goes With Black Granite

What color backsplash best complements black granite countertops?

Glass tiles in neutral shades or metallic finishes can catch the light beautifully, enhancing the depth of black granite. Consider a silver or mirrored backsplash for a touch of modern elegance.

Are there specific materials to avoid for backsplashes with black granite?

It’s wise to steer clear of materials that are too porous, like unsealed stone tiles. These can absorb stains and require more maintenance, detracting from the easy-care nature of black granite.

Can I use dark tiles for the backsplash with my black granite countertops?

Yes, you can opt for dark tiles, like deep blues or greens. They add a lush, cohesive feel when matched smartly with the rich tones of black granite. Ensure there’s enough kitchen lighting to balance the décor.

What are the best durable backsplash materials to pair with black granite?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are top choices for their durability and range of options. Both materials resist heat and moisture, making them practical for the kitchen environment.

How do I choose the right size of tiles for my backsplash?

Larger tiles can create a seamless look with fewer grout lines, which often complements the pristine quality of black granite counters. Smaller tiles or mosaics can add texture and visual interest.

What style backsplash works well in a contemporary kitchen with black granite?

For a contemporary space, consider minimalist styles with clean lines. Subway tiles in subdued colors or stainless steel panels can give a sleek, modern look that resonates with the latest kitchen design trends.

How can I add a pop of color in my backsplash against black granite?

Choose bold colors like deep red or vibrant green in simple tile shapes to inject personality without overwhelming the space. This works especially well in kitchens with neutral or muted cabinetry.

What are some budget-friendly backsplash options that look good with black granite?

Ceramic tiles come in an array of designs and are cost-effective. They allow for creativity without breaking the bank. Peel-and-stick backsplash tiles also offer a DIY, budget-friendly alternative with a decent lifespan.

Should the backsplash extend all the way to the cabinets with black granite countertops?

Extending the backsplash to the cabinets creates a uniform, clean appearance, enhancing both functionality and style. It protects walls from spills and creates a visually larger space.

How do I maintain the backsplash to ensure it complements the black granite over time?

Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to maintain the backsplash’s integrity. Regularly wiping down the backsplash after cooking can prevent grime build-up, keeping the kitchen pristine and ensuring that the beauty of the black granite remains the focal point.


When pondering what backsplash goes with black granite, it’s clear the choices can both dazzle and intimidate. Opting for the right backsplash transforms your kitchen not just functionally but aesthetical—an echo of your personal style resonating through every tile and texture.

  • From the sheen of glass tiles to the earthy tone of slate, flexibility in design allows each individual to find a match that suits the black granite’s bold presence.
  • Remember, the journey to find the perfect backsplash involves more than just selecting a color or material; it encompasses considering durability, maintenance, and how it complements the kitchen’s overall ambiance.

The graceful marrying of functionality with style ensures your cooking space isn’t just well-protected; it’s a testament to timeless elegance. Whether you pursue a path of subtle elegance with neutral tones or a bold statement with colorful tiles, ensure that your choice enhances the grandeur of black granite. Just like any piece of art, a kitchen designed with thought and care promises to be a vision that inspires and enthralls.

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