Imagine the tranquil serenity of blue walls—a canvas of calm that cradles your space. Now, the quintessential question arises: what color curtains go with blue walls? The tapestry of hues you choose to hang can truly transform a room from simple to stunning.

Curtains aren’t just fabric; they’re the subtle whispers of a room’s soul, telling stories of taste and timelessness.

In this exploration, embark on a journey through color theory, where the color wheel contrasts blend with interior design finesse. It’s not merely about matching; it’s about crafting an atmosphere that sings in visual harmony.

By the conclusion of this piece, you’ll be equipped with knowledge that extends beyond the spectrum of blues. Choosing curtain textiles will shift from daunting to delightful. Home design color trends will become your allies in aesthetic decisions.

Let’s unveil color coordination secrets that promise to elevate blue walls with a poised elegance that reflects the essence of your home’s character.

What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls

Curtain Color Visual Contrast Mood/Atmosphere Design Style Additional Notes
White Low Fresh and airy Versatile; works with modern, coastal, and minimalist styles Enhances natural light; can make the room feel more spacious
Grey Medium Balanced and neutral Contemporary and industrial Comes in various shades; can add a sophisticated touch without overpowering the blue
Yellow or Gold High Warm and cheerful Eclectic, vintage, or traditional Adds a pop of color and vibrancy; good for dark shades of blue walls
Navy or Deep Blue Low Monochromatic Modern or nautical Creates a uniform look; use different textures to add depth and interest
Patterned or Floral Varies Dynamic and bold Bohemian, country, or shabby chic Should include blue tones that match or complement the blue walls; adds visual interest

What color curtains go with blue walls?

We are glad you asked! The first and most important step is done: you have adorable and visually appealing blue walls at home! Next, we need to find curtains for an elegant design.

Curtains can either make or break the setting, so you need to choose them carefully. Choices won’t lack. so take your time and compare options. This might be the most important decor decision you will make.

Sheer or white curtains on navy blue walls

Image source: Robin Hiken Interiors

Before we move forward, the choice of curtains will depend on the blue shade on the walls. If you have navy blue walls, you should look at white curtains. The curtains should be crisp and bright so that the walls take over the spotlight. A setting like this is both modern and sophisticated.

It is even more important to put white curtains over white-painted windows and skirting boards. This way, the room will have visible and clear lines, and you can bring in any modern piece of furniture you want.

Image source: Grossmueller’s Design Consultants

If you have dark blue walls, on the other hand, you need curtains with more texture. The rule of thumb dictates that linen-look curtains are the best choice for any blue wall. Navy blue walls are, of course, no exception to that rule.

Gray curtains

Image source: Lightmaster Direct

Blue curtains look gracious on gray walls, so why shouldn’t a vice-versa scenario do the job? Paired, gray, and blue is an amazing palettes for any contemporary space. Plus, gray curtains block light when necessary, and are neutral to combine with furniture.

Dark blue walls, for instance, will look great with light and warm gray tones, such as charcoal and taupe. You can then apply the same tone on rugs, cushions, or bed linens to preserve the flow. This trendy look is perfect at home and in the office.

Compatible blue curtains on blue walls

Image source: Echelon Custom Homes

Instead of thinking about which color is compatible with blue, why not work with blue instead? You can for sure find a couple of compatible nuances of this wonderful color.

Remember, however, that even using one color only can lead to messy results. You need to keep things simple, so the blue walls are only slightly different from the blue curtains. Texture and fabric should play the main role in this process.

Image source: Ricardo Labougle

If we rely on the rule of thumb again, you should use curtains that are at least one level darker or one level lighter than the blue walls. This way, you will give the drapes the role they deserve in your interior design.

Navy blue walls and taupe curtains

Image source: Jeff Schlarb Design Studio

We simply love how navy blue walls and taupe curtains work together! This is always the case when you use subtle and neutral shades with deep blue walls.

Ideally, the curtains will come in thermal and heavy fabrics. Preferably, opt for an elegant and silk-like appearance. This way, you will have a gorgeous and luxurious bedroom that also preserves the heat during winter.

Image source: Eggshell Home – Rosanna Bassford

The fabric used for these curtains is heavy and thermal. It comes with a silk-like appearance, which makes it the perfect choice for a luxurious and relaxing bedroom. As well as looking gorgeous, these curtains have the added benefit of keeping the heat in too, keeping you toasty warm in the winter!

Soft grey curtains on periwinkle blue walls

Image source: Maria Mikena

Periwinkle blue walls are the favorite light blue walls of modern homeowners. It is a very pleasant and vibrant choice and works well with different styles and design approaches. If this is your wall choice too, the curtain is the next big decision along the way.

Let us suggest something fantastic: white sheer curtains with medium grey light filtering. Does it sound like something you would try out? We particularly recommend this for bedrooms and nurseries. If you want the same for the living room, complement it with fresh color pops, such as yellow, floral pillows, or rugs.

Green curtains for more freshness


Green is the neighboring color of blue, which means that the two are easy to combine. Be that a room with light blue walls, you can complete it with beautiful, gray-tinted curtains to add freshness and atmosphere.

On the other hand, you can go for a pleasant, homey look with dark blue walls and cool green shades. Warm greens look well too, but they add more contrast. If you opt for them, you need to be more careful when choosing furniture.

Green curtains are optimal for both living space and sleeping space, as they are very natural. You can go the extra mile and add some green details to your furniture, ideally matching blue-and-green cushions.

A playful look with orange curtains and blue walls

Image source: Kendall Wilkinson Design

Orange is blue’s complementary color, and the popular opinion is that the two don’t work so well together. But we couldn’t disagree more!

Orange is always welcome in your living space, especially if you have light blue walls. It adds up catchy contrast and naturally invites the eye. Plus, it is unparalleled when it comes to warmth and ambiance, not just for the living room but for the entire house.

Image source: Tiffany Brooks Interiors

If not a leading color, orange can be a beautiful accent. Visitors will find your home very attractive and memorable. Blue with orange is not an overused combination, so pair tones as you prefer. Keep in mind, however, that furniture also needs to keep up with the pace.

Blush pink curtains on deep blue walls

Image source: Wayfair

How about a more feminine approach? There are only as many colors that work as well with deep blue as blush pink does. Periwinkle and blush pink are also a team on their own. These settings are different and bring value to young and motivated homeowners.

Blush pink curtains provide just the right level of contrast on your navy blue walls. The paler the curtain, the more the wall will stand out. Better yet, it will stand out graciously and with a very soft edge, to make the room as masculine as it is feminine.

Beige curtains for blue walls

Image source: Chelsea Lauren Interiors

We love blue, but we can all agree on one thing: blue is cold and strong. Thus, it is never a bad idea to give the space some warmth and to balance it out. Beige curtains can take over this task quite easily.

You need beige curtains that go with the flow, so focus on those that have colder, blueish undertones. The beige, on the other hand, needs to be as warm-toned as possible for the atmosphere to be inviting.

Image source: Cherie Lee Interiors

Lastly, use beige because it has so many advantages. It fits an elegant setting, an industrial space, or a retro entertaining room. Even with navy blue walls, All decorating options are open!

Gold curtains on blue walls for a wealthy setting

Image source: Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

Gold-colored curtains on blue walls create the impression of luxury and prestige. No wonder this unique combination is to be found in five-star hotels and classy restaurants. With the right color choice, there is no reason why you can’t have this at home.

As a homeowner, you may be reluctant to use gold at home to avoid a flashy scenario. Truth is, blue reduces this effect of gold and yellow curtains and makes them look elegant rather than overdone.

Natural linen curtains on dark blue walls

Image source: Brighton Homes

Linen might get ‘lost’ on pale blue walls, but a dark blue wall is a different story. You’ll come up with a sophisticated place to live and add any furniture you want. In decor, less is always more.

Linen white curtains blend flawlessly on dark blue walls. You’ll then need to accessorize the room appropriately and keep the details simple. For instance, consider rugs in the same color as your dark blue walls.

Yellow curtains on vibrant blue walls for more energy

Image source: Julian Wass

The same as gold, yellow is blue’s best friend. Regardless of the yellow shade you choose, your curtains will look stunning. Better yet, it is the perfect way to introduce a splash of color in a neutral room and make it more joyful.

Remember that mustard yellow and lime yellow are also on the table, especially for a stronger contrast. If you have teal walls, for instance, choose yellow curtains which have orange undertones. The result will be fascinating.

Image source: Amanda Nisbet Design

If you decide on this option (especially on deep blue walls!), add complementary details in the same yellow color. You can add rugs, pillowcases, or bed linens. The result will surprise you.

Light Brown Curtains

Image source: Christopher Sturman

Let’s stay for a bit on the warm side of the palette. How do blue and brown sound? It might not be your first and favorite choice, but these colors are earthy and they will bring nature inside your home. If you don’t believe this, think how often the fashion industry plays with this combination.

Brown curtains look the best on a light blue wall or pale blue walls generally. Despite that, you are better off with pale browns too, to ensure the atmosphere is soothing and calm.

Cream curtains and checked curtains for farm-style living rooms

Image source: Thomas Loof

Surprisingly enough, checkered curtains are more than welcome in modern living rooms. If you pair them with dark blue walls, they will provide the long-needed break from the monotony and a very playful look. We also suggest you try them on pale blue walls.

Both checked curtains and cream curtains are classic, neutral choices for a living room. They work in a modern setting and a traditional dining room likewise. If you know how to combine them, they are timeless!

FAQ On What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls

What Curtain Colors Best Complement Blue Walls?

The heart of color coordination beats in complementary hues. For a serene pairing, opt for neutral curtains like whites or grays, which allows the blue to truly pop.

Want a daring contrast? Rich yellows or soft corals can elevate the blue to new heights, offering a vibrant energy to the space.

Can I Use Patterned Curtains with Blue Walls?

Absolutely! Patterned curtains can inject personality into a room. Consider incorporating patterns with hints of blue for cohesion or neutral colors to balance the look.

Stripes, botanical prints, or geometric shapes can all work wonders, turning the space into a reflection of individual taste and style.

Are Dark Curtains a Good Match for Light Blue Walls?

Definitely. Think of light blue as the open sky and dark curtains as the grounding earth. Deep blue, charcoal, or even black curtains create an anchoring effect and deliver a sophisticated contrast that can make light blue walls feel even more breezy and ethereal.

What Fabrics Work Best for Curtains Against Blue Walls?

Texture is key. Linen and cotton offer a light, airy feel that complements the casual serenity of blue walls. If luxury is your aim, velvet or silk presents a sense of opulence, catching light in a way that enriches the room’s depth and character.

How Do Soft Pastels Perform with Blue Walls?

Soft pastels are like whispers of color, gently enhancing the tranquility of blue walls. Imagine pale pinks or gentle lavenders, a haze of color that binds to the peacefulness of blue, offering a room a dreamy, soft focus effect. They’re perfect for a restful bedroom or calming living area.

Should Curtains Match the Exact Shade of the Blue Walls?

No, that’s not necessary. Curtains are an accent, not an echo. A tone-on-tone approach can work, but varying the shade adds depth. If you choose blue curtains, pick a hue that’s lighter or darker to introduce visual interest and prevent a monotonous sea of sameness.

How Can I Add a Modern Twist with Curtains to Blue Walls?

For a modern flair, incorporate metallics or minimalistic designs. Think silver or gold curtain rods combined with block-colored curtains for a sleek and trendy vibe.

Sheer curtains with subtle textures also offer a contemporary edge, letting natural light filter in to make those blue walls dance.

What Curtain Length Should I Choose for Blue Walls?

Floor-to-ceiling curtains lend a touch of drama and elegance, elongating the room. For a practical and casual look, opt for curtains that just kiss the floor or hover half an inch above. Remember, the taller the curtain, the grander the statement.

Can I Use White Curtains with Blue Walls?

White curtains are the quintessential classic, a breath of fresh air that never fails. They offer a crisp, clean contrast to blue walls, especially in spaces blessed with bountiful sunlight. White curtains reflect light, brightening the room and creating a striking visual balance.

Is it Trendy to Use Bold Colors Like Red or Green with Blue Walls?

Bold indeed! While not conventional, pulling off a daring color such as red or green requires a keen eye for hues.

Choose a red with a hint of blue undertone, or go for a green that complements the wall’s blue shade. It’s about harmony amidst boldness, a balance between striking and soothing.


In conclusion, when the curtain falls on our quest to answer what color curtains go with blue walls, remember, the curtains you choose hold the power to transform a room’s atmosphere. From the whispering calm of pastels to the declaration of bold colors, the palette is yours to command.

  • Embrace the timelessness of neutral shades to elevate the blue’s tranquility.
  • Dare to contrast with vibrant yellows or tie the space together with varied blues.
  • Delve into textures that speak; from linen whispers to velvet’s rich timbre, each fabric has a story.

Harmony is not in the matching but in the complementing. Take advantage of current design trends, but stay true to the narrative of the space. Let the curtains you choose be the defining stroke on the canvas of blue. Whether you seek a modern edge or a classic finish, the curtains are but a backdrop—a silent partner to blue walls that sing with character and style.

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