Imagine a canvas, expansive and ripe with potential. Purple walls stand bold, a statement of creativity and regal sophistication within your sanctuary. Yet, such vibrance demands a complement, a partner in the dance of decor.

Embark on a journey through the art of palettes and textiles. In these paragraphs lie the alchemy of color theory, transforming spaces into havens of harmony and balance.

Revel in the interplay of hue, saturation, and lightness as we explore how the perfect curtains can be both a whisper and a proclamation in a room painted with the mystery of amethyst tones.

Designed to bestow the knowledge of a seasoned interior designer, this guide will unveil an array of choices: From contrast that captivates to monochromatic schemes that soothe.

Prepare to weave visual texture into your abode with curtain fabric texture and color. Curtain colors lay ahead, color wheel companions that promise to elevate your lavender drapes assuredly and with grace.

What Color Curtains Go With Purple Walls

Curtain Color Visual Impact Mood and Atmosphere Style Notes Best Suited For
White Fresh and crisp contrast Brightening, airy Universally versatile, works with many decor styles Any room, especially small or dark spaces
Light Gray Subtle and sophisticated Calming, neutral backdrop Contemporary, urban chic Modern living spaces, offices
Deep Purple (or plum) Dramatic and immersive Rich, cozy, intimate Opulent, luxurious Bedrooms, lounges, creative spaces
Gold or Mustard Yellow Warm and inviting contrast Cheerful, stimulating Regal, vintage-inspired Dining rooms, libraries
Light Green Soft, nature-inspired Soothing, refreshing Bohemian, eclectic Sunrooms, kitchens, nurseries

What color curtains go with purple walls?

Flowing ruffles of aqua for a shabby chic look

Image source: Benjamin Moore

Light-colored curtains such as aqua make excellent companions for purple walls. We refer to curtains in light blue or baby blue, both remarkable choices for a bedroom or a nursery.

Aqua curtains for purple walls provide a calming and soothing atmosphere wherever applied. This should be your first choice when deciding which color curtains you need. A shabby chic result is guaranteed.

Cream white drapes on lighter shade purple walls

Image source: Marie Burgos Design

Next on the list of suitable curtains for purple walls is cream. Purple paint and cream complement each other, and they are a classic choice for a stylish living room. To be completely honest, every white nuance can work with purple walls, but only cream levels up the warmth of the room.

The reason for that is the warm, yellow undertones that make the space feel cozy and energized. Pure white, on the other hand, stands for peace and purity.

Gold curtains

Image source: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Dazzling gold may not be the very first choice for lavender or purple walls. However, it takes only one try to come up with a room everyone adores and admires. Interior designers are absolute fans of this idea.

Gold curtains improve the atmosphere of the room in many ways. They give it a homey, yet modern appearance and ensure you have a unique living environment.

Light gray curtains for purple walls

Image source: Henry Prideaux Interior Design

You can also enhance lilac walls with more neutral curtains, gray, for instance. This is your safest bet if you’re out of options, particularly if you also have purple furniture. Gray is achieved by mixing black and white, and you can’t go wrong with it. If you have a small room and you could use more light inside, go for light gray curtains. The result will be amazing.

Another way to go is to select gray curtains with warmer, yellowish undertones. This will help bring your lilac walls to life and introduce some positive vibes in the room.

Pale floral curtains for dark purple walls

Image source: Ambiance Interiors

We don’t often see dark purple on walls, but interior designers agree this is a stylish choice for the living area. There is something gorgeous and powerful about plum-purple walls, especially if you know how to combine them.

What we mean here is that a darker shade on the walls needs to be balanced with light decors. Imagine, for instance, a grommet floor-length white panel with a subtle botanical overlay. Is there any better way to bring the room to life?

Black curtains as a focal point on your purple walls

Image source: Benjamin Moore

How about black? This is not a common color choice, but you should keep it in scope for a more contemporary look. The dramatic and deep effect of black curtains is irreplaceable.

Even more importantly, black curtains block out the sun and ensure a more intimate setting. They will provide the depth and contrast every bedroom could benefit from.

Bright angel white curtains on light purple walls 

Image source: Klondike Contracting

If you want a room that is energized but not overwhelming, opt for angel-white curtains. Angel white doesn’t have the yellow undertones of its cream counterpart, but it is just as bold and vital. Despite being the most neutral of all colors, white is incredibly intense and powerful. Applied over light purple, it will help achieve a calm and sophisticated room within seconds.

White curtains also help bring natural light inside and accentuate beautiful window framing. You should consider them together with purple furniture or purple bedding.

Curtains with bold florals

Image source: Michael Abrams Interiors

Purple walls are inspired by flowers. This means that you can combine them with any floral motif, especially in a French country home or a rustic, traditional dining room.

Pleated curtains and heavy fabrics will contribute to the natural setting. You can also consider this option for intimate relaxing areas.

Candy orange curtains

Image source: Beth Diana Smith Interiors

Purple walls are a brave choice on their own, but as you know, opposites attract. This means that orange color curtains can work with purple walls, and they do so stunningly well. Check some examples online, and the result will impress you. If you are a creative, energetic person, you’ve got yourself a winner!

Better yet, orange sheet drapes are trending now, and they are perfect for any contemporary setting. Try them out and you will have the perfect purple bedroom!

Olive curtains for purple walls 

Image source: Esty

Here comes another curtain color you probably missed. Olive pairs exceptionally well with a purple wall, and adds more elegance to a room. We are talking of two opposite colors on the color wheel, which nevertheless play well in striking contrast.

You need to be careful, though, as olive curtains easily change the vibe of the room. Greens are harmonized and peaceful in color, while purple stands for sophistication.

Blue curtains

Image source: Pratt & Lambert Paints

Blue curtains on purple walls will help you calm the room down, but you need to choose the shade carefully. The fact is, you can decorate quite neatly with blue, it is a foremost natural and neutral color.

Blue curtains are great on any wall color and purple is no exception. The two tones complement and enrich each other, to the extent that no further decor items are needed.

Princess pink curtains on dark plum walls

Pink curtains on deep dark plum create a dramatic setting. Girls adore this option for their bedrooms and pair it with white details. A combination like this is associated with youth and playfulness.

If you have lavender walls, for instance, you can hang grommet floor-length thermal drapes in with red undertones. Both colors belong to the purple family, and they look incredible together.

Brown curtains for lighter purple walls 

Image source: Calico

Believe it or not, brown curtains look adorable on purple walls! You only need to match the tones, namely, choose lighter browns on lighter purples. We recommend khaki or classic tan.

Dark brown curtains on dark purple walls are also a stylish option, but keep in mind that they can easily limit access to natural light. Keep in mind that yellow curtains are also an option-

Charcoal curtains on a dark purple wall

Image source: Benjamin Moore

Let us remind you how well gray and purple play along. If you have a large room and need to darken the space, you should replace light grays with charcoal curtains. Patterned curtains can also contribute to a setting like this.

Charcoal gray is not only calming but also serious and professional. You can consider this combination for your home office or reception area.

Pale floral curtains on a dark purple wall

Image source: 3 Day Blinds

Assuming charcoal is not your favorite color, try to combine dark purple with pale florals. This is a safe bet for stylish dining areas, feminine bedrooms, and french-inspired living rooms.

A pale floral curtain will balance a darker wall, particularly if it contains white details. Soft yellows are also welcomed to brighten the room up.

End-to-end lilac room

Image source: Rikki Snyder

Monochrome looks can make or break a room. If done well, however, they epitomize a calm and minimalist setting and let you accessorize any way you want. This is an often applied concept for white and gray rooms, but who said it won’t work for purple?

Purple curtains will underline once more how much you adore a purple surroundings. You can use them to emphasize the statement of the room and try out many styles you otherwise left aside. Purple is a nature-inspired color that radiates warmth and energy, so give it a shot!

FAQ On What Color Curtains Go With Purple Walls

Can cream curtains complement purple walls?

Absolutely. Cream curtains emanate a subtle warmth, offering a neutral backdrop that allows the richness of purple walls to sing.

These curtains will infuse lightness into your space and can make it feel airier and more open, a perfect canvas for your individual touch in home decor.

What curtain colors create contrast with purple walls?

For a striking contrast, consider bold colors like mustard, burnt orange, or teal. These complementary colors are daring, yes, but they draw the eye, creating a dynamic interplay with the color theory that lies at the heart of extraordinary interior design.

Would white curtains work with my purple walls?

Certainly. White curtains are akin to a crisp, clean slate, bringing freshness to any room. They reflect light beautifully, creating a serene ambiance that counterbalances the depth of purple hues. This classic choice underscores a timeless elegance in home decor.

Is there room for green curtains with purple walls?

There is a garden of possibilities with green. From sage that whispers of earthy tranquility to striking emerald asserting its presence.

Green curtains can harmonize with lavender walls, much like foliage complements a flower in nature’s broad palette.

What are the best curtain textures for purple walls?

Textures infuse character. Velvet suggests luxury, pairing decadently with deep purple accents. Linen, with its visual texture, conveys a casual elegance, while silk drapes provide a lustrous counterpart to eggplant-hued walls, dancing lightly with their inherent sheen.

How can I match metallic curtain rods with purple walls?

Metallic curtain rods, be it burnished bronze or sleek chrome, add a differing layer of aesthetic. They serve as the modern anchor points to your room’s canvas, giving a contemporary edge to purple-themed interior inspiration.

Can patterned curtains work with purple walls?

Patterns are the rhythm in the symphony of design. With purple as your backdrop, choose patterns that either hold their own or provide a delicate compliment. Floral patterns may summon a whimsical flair, while geometric shapes introduce modernity.

Do dark curtains pair well with purple walls?

Dark curtains craft a den of coziness, enveloping you in an embrace of chic sophistication. When paired with light purple paint, they conjure an intimate ambiance, fostering a room that’s both comforting and stylish within the color psychology of your home.

What should I know about selecting sheer curtains with purple walls?

Sheer curtains are the breath on a window’s lips, offering a gentle filter for sunlight. When paired with purple walls, they soften the room’s dynamic, encouraging a dance of light and shadow and a delicate balance between privacy and openness.

How can I use curtain layers with purple walls?

Layers are storytelling in fabric form. With purple walls as your narrative’s backdrop, consider an inner layer of sheers for softness, complemented by thicker panels for added privacy and style— a harmonious narrative crafted through textures and tones.


What color curtains go with purple walls, an exploration that has woven through a tapestry of hues, textures, and design principles, draws to its close. In the folds of luxurious velvet, light-dancing silk, and casual linen, a spectrum of possibility has emerged:

  • Cream whispers serenity and brings forth light.
  • Bold colors offer a vivacious counterpoint to the stately purple.
  • Whites promise purity, a breath of fresh air.
  • Greens tell a story, one of nature’s comfort and the outside, inside.
  • Metallic rods introduce a contemporary touch.
  • Patterns add a layer of intrigue.
  • Sheers softly flirt with the light.
  • Layering builds depth, a conversation between materials.

This illumination of choices, their potential to elevate a room, showcases the power of a single design choice. Remember, the final brushstroke — the decision of what curtains to drape against your purple walls — is yours to paint. Let it reflect your vision, let it sing your home’s individual melody.

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