Imagine transforming a space with nothing more than a bit of paint and creativity—welcome to the world of modern painted brick fireplaces. These are not merely functional elements; they are pivotal in defining the aesthetic and atmosphere of a room.

As temperatures dip, the allure of a warm, visually captivating fireplace becomes undeniable.

In this guide, you’ll discover the transformative power of paint on brick, blending contemporary architectural designs with timeless charm.

We’ll dive into DIY painted fireplace techniques, optimal colorful fireplace ideas, and essential fireplace maintenance tips.

By the end, you’ll not only grasp the essentials needed to revamp your fireplace but also understand how this focal point can enhance the overall modern interior aesthetics of your home.

Whether seeking a minimalist touch or a dramatic statement, this guide ensures your fireplace won’t just warm your house, but truly make it a home.

Modern Painted Brick Fireplace

Feature Functionality Aesthetic Appeal Maintenance Cost
Overall Design Minimalistic and sleek High; adds a modern touch Easy to clean flat surfaces Varies by paint quality and brick condition
Color Choices N/A Versatile; customizable May require retouching Initially low, ongoing costs for repaint
Heat Efficiency Good insulation Paint type can affect perception Regular inspections needed Minimal impact on cost
Installation Process Already existing structure upgraded Instant aesthetic upgrade None, unless adding enhancements Depends on DIY vs professional
Durability Long-lasting structure Depends on paint quality Prone to chips and wear Cost-effective in long term with proper maintenance

Don’t Limit Your Color Options


Bustamante wanted to produce a cozy and welcoming environment based on a neutral color palette. To accomplish that, they opted for the Sherwin-Williams Secret Garden scheme, supplying a fresh, natural tone as well. Aside from that, lively colors like pink and blue are other viable options.

The Modern Look of the Blue-Gray Combination

Image source: Hamilburg Interiors

The powder blue color is a reliable ingredient for a relaxed ambiance. Hence, you can create a blue brick fireplace that’s perfect for cozying up next to the warmth with a book. You can then install silver or gray light fixtures to round up the soothing theme.

Using White Paint for the Wood Shelf and Walls

Image source: REED BROTHERS design & build

For an elegant and rustic setup, opt for the white brick-ceramic combination. Apply white paint on the fireplace’s wood shelf to tie up the scene. As for the walls, use a soft beige hue to ensure the fireplace is the focal point of the room. On the floor, it’s best to go with medium-toned wood.

Bold Color for a Modern Setup

Image source: Sarah Greenman

For a modern painted brick fireplace, start from the basic interior design rules. In that sense, aim for symmetry and charm. Even if you have a vintage orange/red brick fireplace, you can give it a whole 180 degrees spin.

For example, you can apply two layers of suave tapioca beige tone and completely transform it. That way, you’ll give an interesting, modern look to the whole setup without a striking contrast.

Combining White and Bubblegum Pink

Kurtz Design came up with a chic and youthful scheme that’s also surprisingly versatile. To that end, they’ve stuck to the tasteful pink-white combo.

Utilize Various Embellishments to Enrich the Space

Image source: Rachel Oliver Design, LLC

Joyner shares several ideas as to how to dictate the overall feel of the room when having a lavish fireplace as the centerpiece. Thus, adding stone elements to the frame will result in a relaxed ambiance.

On the other hand, wood paneling is quite a reliable method when aiming for a more formal look. Also, seashells make for an excellent adornment that adds texture to the fireplace.

The Sleek Black Paint for a Fireplace

Image source: Will Wick

When trying to create an extravagant yet welcoming space, black undertones are the way to go. Plus, depending on the layout, you can easily make a black brick fireplace the highlight of the room.

When having an asymmetrical fireplace in the corner of the room, you can give it a Victorian touch with some black paint. For contrast, use metallic stands and wall art.

Creating a Moody Blue Brick Fireplace

Image source: Susie Mae Design

For a regal ambiance, you can utilize a blue brick fireplace and a minimalist mantel. Next, add wood textures to balance out their intensity and produce a cohesive setup.

Add Depth With the Gray Color

Image source: FORWARD Design | Architecture

As shown in this Southgate Homes Dallas-Fort Worth example for a living room, gray is a stylish pick for a fireplace color. You can also use several hues to fine-tune the outcome. For example, apply a creamy-gray paint for an airy setup, or add depth with charcoal gray.

Producing a Homely Setup

Image source: Classic Remodeling & Construction, Inc.

If you’re a fan of the vintage, classic rustic look, then opt for rich brown bricks for the fireplace area. Then, use mortar washing to truly pronounce the rustic charm. Next, consider adding an all-black case to complete the scene.

German Smear for a Cozy Fireplace

Image source: Blueprint Dreams LLC

German smear is an aesthetically pleasing technique for adding mortar wash to a brick fireplace. Plus, it is straightforward and affordable. The result is a vintage, European-looking setup that never goes out of style.

The Beauty of Asymmetrical Solutions

You don’t always have to follow the latest trend to end up with something beautiful, As evident from this example, a hole-in-the-wall fireplace can indeed go with the uneven decor. Together, they create an exciting and welcoming interior.

Applying Dark Gray on the Frame

Image source: ModelDeco

The gray paint is another contemporary favorite that looks cozy and stylish. While it can lead to a brooding outcome, it provides a sophisticated note by default. As such, it is the right choice when using bright wall paint. Hence, white and charcoal gray clash softly to create a balanced and warm-looking living space.

The Light Mortar Wash Option

For a more natural and earthy atmosphere, you can limit the appliance of the german smear method. So, don’t spread it across the entirety of the brick fireplace, but focus on the grout lines. That way, you’ll achieve a modern, “less is more” result.

Furthermore, this is an excellent idea for a fireplace with a wooden mantel. In such a combination, the light mortar wash leads to a classic rustic look.

Implementing High-Contrasting Colors


This black-and-white scene confirms how captivating this traditional pairing can be. Next, you can spice things up by choosing a bold, lively color for the fireplace’s exterior.

Using Bright Paint to Refurbish the Fireplace

Image source: Horizon Interior Design

When aiming for a trendy outcome, you can implement brighter hues to the fireplace to a great effect. For example, you can elevate the room by applying a fresh, blue-green tint. Next, fill up the space with potted plants to accentuate the wood mantel. To round things up, pick soothingly-colored furniture.

Applying the Warm-Rust Hue

You can give new life to an out-of-order fireplace by turning it into a display case. Hence, opt for a joyful color scheme before filling it with plush toys. Karen Wolf used the warm-rust hue to repaint this old fireplace – a great success on all accounts!

Going for the “Raw Interior” Route

Image source: Chalet

When aiming to produce contrast, you can opt for a fireplace with a polished exterior while leaving the interior bare. To that end, it’s best to work on a red brick base. Next, apply fresh paint on the outside to preserve its rustic qualities.

The designer Caroline Gibson made the exterior of the fireplace the focal point of the room with her setup. Plus, she opted for high-temperature-resistant paint to ensure the longevity of the fireplace. However, she applied no hue on the inside to prevent it from drawing attention. That way, she also succeeded in adding new dimensions and visual depth to the space.

FAQ On Modern Painted Brick Fireplace

What kind of paint should I use on a brick fireplace?

Heat resistant paint is crucial for a modern painted brick fireplace. Opt for a latex or epoxy-based product specifically designed for high temperatures. This ensures durability and maintains the aesthetic appeal even with frequent use.

How do I prepare the brick for painting?

Start by cleaning the brick surface thoroughly to remove any soot or debris. A wire brush can assist in dislodging stubborn grime. Then, apply a primer suited for high temperatures before you begin painting; this helps the paint adhere better and last longer.

Is it safe to paint a functioning fireplace?

Yes, as long as you use safe painting practices and materials intended for high heat. Ensure the fireplace is completely cool before starting, and always ventilate the area well during the painting process.

How often will I need to repaint my fireplace?

Maintenance varies by use, but generally, a well-applied, high-quality paint on a brick fireplace should last for several years. Inspecting your fireplace annually for chips or heat damage is recommended, especially before the colder seasons.

Can painting a brick fireplace enhance my home’s value?

Absolutely. A modern painted brick fireplace can significantly update the look of your living space, making it more appealing to potential buyers. It’s a cost-effective renovation that can increase both aesthetic appeal and home value improvement.

What colors work best for a modern painted brick fireplace?

For a modern look, neutral tones like white, gray, or black are popular, enhancing the sleek, contemporary vibe of your room. However, colorful fireplace ideas, such as deep blue or matte black, can also make a bold statement.

Are there any eco-friendly painting options?

Certainly! Look for eco-friendly paints that contain low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These options are better for indoor air quality and are a responsible choice for both your health and the environment.

What is the best way to apply paint to brick?

Using a roller designed for rough surfaces will give you the best coverage on brick. For edges and deeper grooves, a sturdy brush is recommended to ensure that all areas are evenly coated.

Can I use a stenciled design on my fireplace?

Stenciling is a great method to add unique patterns or artistic elements to your modern painted brick fireplace. It’s an easy DIY that brings a custom feel to the room without overwhelming the space.

What should I consider before deciding to paint my brick fireplace?

Consider the style and color palette of the room where the fireplace is located. Ensure that painting aligns with the overall modern interior aesthetics of your space. Also, evaluate the condition of the bricks; they should be structurally sound before painting.


Bringing the journey of transforming your modern painted brick fireplace to a close, it’s clear this isn’t just about a dash of paint—it’s a statement in your living space. With the right shades, application techniques, and the dedication to maintaining the fireplace, the result is a stunning centerpiece that stands the test of time.

Essential Takeaways:

  • Choose heat-resistant paint for durability.
  • Regular maintenance ensures lasting beauty.
  • Eco-friendly options protect indoor air quality.

Embracing such DIY painted fireplace projects not only boosts your home’s aesthetics but also its market value. Imagine cozy evenings by an elegantly updated fireplace, where the warmth is matched only by the stylish surroundings. Ready the paintbrushes – your next favorite home spot awaits its transformation.

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