Imagine living large in a pint-sized space. Sounds like a magic trick, right? Well, it’s all about pulling the perfect rabbit out of a hat—or, in our case, making the most out of every square inch with IKEA storage ideas for small spaces.

Here’s where we unlock space you never knew you had. We’re diving headfirst into the smartest, slick storage hacks.

Whether you’re navigating the cozy corners of a studio apartment or looking to streamline that cluttered home office, this article is your secret blueprint.

You’ll leave armed with a cache of solutions to catapult your compact living situation into a haven of organization and style.

From ingenious space-saving shelves that elevate your décor, to multi-use accessories and scalable furniture designs, each paragraph is a treasure trove designed for real life.

Forget the cluttered past; we’re crafting a future where every item has a home, and style meets function like they’re old friends. By the end, that small space won’t just feel bigger; it’ll be a testament to your savvy.

Let’s transform your snug space into an IKEA-inspired sanctuary.

IKEA storage ideas for small spaces

Multifunctional EKET Cabinets

Well, let’s begin with these versatile beauties. The EKET cabinet series from IKEA will make your storage dreams come true. Stack them, mount them, mix them, match them! Paint them or leave them as is. With these little guys, you can store anything, anywhere. And the best part? They can morph into an art display, a room divider, or even a nightstand. Yes, they’re that versatile!

The Under-The-Bed MOSSLANDA Display Ledge

And then there’s the ingenious MOSSLANDA picture ledge. Yes, it’s meant for photos, but let’s think outside the frame. Flip it, fix it under the bed, and voila! You’ve got yourself some extra space to store shoes, magazines, or that yoga mat you swear you’ll start using. It’s subtle, it’s sleek, it’s storage space you never knew you had!

Sleek KALLAX Shelving Unit

Now, the KALLAX shelving unit is a real game-changer. Don’t be fooled by its simple design. It’s a shape-shifter that will adapt to your space like a chameleon. Set it up vertically or horizontally. Use it as a bookcase, display cabinet, or TV stand. Add some doors or drawers. Heck, put a cushion on top and you’ve got a bench with storage. So don’t judge a bookcase by its cover, alright?

PLATSA Bed Frame with Storage

Check this out. IKEA’s PLATSA bed frame is more than just a cozy place to snooze. It’s got a sneaky secret. The bed frame is a treasure trove of hidden storage. It’s perfect for storing out-of-season clothes, spare linens, or those holiday decorations you use once a year. A bed that helps you declutter? Sweet dreams are made of these!

TRONES Shoe/Storage Cabinets

Imagine if your shoe cabinet could be a space saver. The TRONES storage cabinets from IKEA make it possible. These are compact, stackable, and come with a hidden compartment on top for tiny trinkets. They’re ideal for tight hallways, but they can also work wonders in a cramped bathroom or a packed pantry. Shoes, towels, canned food? TRONES has got you covered!

LERBERG Shelf Unit on Wheels

This next one’s a mover and a shaker. The LERBERG shelf unit on wheels can glide anywhere, providing storage where you need it the most. It’s a mini pantry, a movable bookshelf, or a portable craft station. Roll it out when you need it, tuck it away when you don’t. Let’s roll!

RÅSKOG Utility Cart

Speaking of movers, the RÅSKOG utility cart takes it up a notch. Three levels of storage on wheels? Yes, please! Use it in the kitchen to store spices, in the bathroom for your toiletries, or in the office for supplies. With RÅSKOG, the world is your oyster, and every room is a pearl!

IVAR Shelving Unit with Foldable Table

The IVAR shelving unit is more than meets the eye. Hidden within its wooden shelves is a foldable table. Perfect for those who need a workspace but are short on room. Fold it out when you’re in the zone, fold it back when you’re done. A workspace when you want, storage space when you need. IVAR’s got your back!

ALGOT Wall Upright System

Another one to make the cut is the ALGOT wall upright system. With its customizable units, it can adapt to any wall and any space. Think about it as your personal storage artist, capable of crafting the perfect arrangement to store books, clothes, or even kitchenware. Your wall, your way, with ALGOT!

SLÄKT Bed Frame with Underbed and Storage

IKEA’s SLÄKT bed frame is a great pick for kids’ rooms. Beneath its playful design lies a double whammy of storage – an underbed for sleepovers and spacious drawers for toys, games, and clothes. It’s like a secret hideout for their favorite stuff. Kiddos get a cool bed, parents get a tidy room. Everyone wins!

SKÅDIS Pegboard

Skådis pegboard is a unique, adjustable storage system. Hang it on a wall, add some hooks, and watch your clutter problems disappear. It’s perfect for any room that needs a little extra organization, from the kitchen to the craft room. Everything’s in sight, everything’s within reach. With SKÅDIS, you’re the king or queen of your own organized castle!


You see a simple wooden box, but I see a storage champion. The KNAGGLIG box from IKEA is an unsung hero. Pile them up, pair them with a nice cushion, and you’ve got a seat with storage. Or use it to keep your pantry, bathroom, or garage neat and tidy. It’s just a box, until it isn’t!

HEMNES Storage Bench

Next up, the HEMNES storage bench. A seat with extra storage, it’s like a secret agent in your hallway. Sit on it, store in it, be amazed by it. Perfect for shoes, bags, and everything you need before heading out the door. With HEMNES, saying goodbye to hallway chaos has never been so stylish!

NORDLI Bed Frame with Storage

Don’t sleep on this one. IKEA’s NORDLI bed frame is a roomy home for your dreams and your stuff. Underneath the comfort, you’ve got ample space to stash away clothes, linens, or those things you just don’t know where to put. Rest easy knowing your clutter is out of sight, out of mind!

MACKAPÄR Storage Unit

One word: MACKAPÄR. This storage unit is an unsung hero, ready to tackle any hallway chaos. Its slender design houses shoes, scarves, bags, and all those bits and pieces that somehow find their way to the hall. The top can serve as a landing spot for keys, wallets, or a pretty potted plant. Meet your hallway’s new best friend!

BILLY Bookcase

The BILLY bookcase from IKEA needs no introduction. Classic, simple, yet so versatile. Use it to showcase your book collection, display your prized possessions, or store office supplies. The possibilities are endless, like the chapters in a good book. With BILLY, every small space tells a story!

PAX Wardrobe System

Oh, the PAX wardrobe system, a must-have for small bedrooms! It’s a closet, it’s a dresser, it’s a lifesaver! Customize it to your needs – add drawers, shelves, or hanging rods. Plus, it’s got a narrow profile, so it’ll fit even in the tightest spaces


Let’s talk about the SAMLA boxes. These are not just any boxes; they’re the knights in shiny plastic armor ready to tackle your storage woes. Stack them, label them, see through them, and find your stuff in a jiffy. Perfect for the attic, garage, or inside your closet. SAMLA is on a mission, and that mission is organization!


Last but not least, the STUVA / FRITIDS loft bed. A bed, a desk, a closet, all in one compact design! It’s like having a mini apartment inside your room. Imagine the space you’ll save, imagine the clutter that’ll vanish. It’s not just a bed; it’s a storage revolution. Let’s hear it for STUVA!

BEKVÄM Kitchen Cart

Let’s close with the BEKVÄM kitchen cart. This little wonder can act as an extra countertop, a portable storage unit, or even a minibar for when you want to celebrate your newly decluttered space. Wheels for mobility, shelves for storage, a worktop for prep. BEKVÄM is here to serve you, literally!

FAQ On IKEA Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

How do I maximize storage in a small living space using IKEA furniture?

Think vertical and modular, pal. IKEA’s got those genius Kallax bookcases, right? They work wonders when you’re short on square footage. Stack ’em up, place ’em side by side, whatever floats your boat. It’s like transforming your walls into a clutter-free command center.

Can I customize IKEA storage solutions to fit my unique space?

Absolutely. The cool part about IKEA is the customizable storage systems they offer. You’ve got the PAX wardrobe, which is like a chameleon for your clothes.

Or say hello to Besta units, literally a build-your-own adventure for your living space. It’s like playing Tetris with your furniture, fitting it all just right.

Are there any multi-purpose IKEA furniture pieces that also provide storage?

IKEA’s big on the double-duty stuff. Take the collapsible tables and fold-down desks for instance. They’re ready for action when you are and tuck away when you’re done. Or the storage ottomans—sit on them, stash stuff in them, and they don’t eat up any extra space.

What are some budget-friendly storage options from IKEA for small apartments?

Look, being savvy with your bucks means finding those gems. IKEA’s floating shelves are legit for keeping things off the floor. There’s also the RÅSKOG utility cart – rolls wherever you need it, costs less than a fancy dinner. Smart storage that doesn’t break the bank.

How can I make my tiny bedroom more spacious with IKEA products?

Dreams of a bigger bedroom? Under-bed storage is your new BFF—those sneaky drawers stash plenty under your snooze zone.

Slap a mirror on your wardrobe; it tricks the eye, making the room feel way bigger. And choose lighter colors; they’re like a magic wand for openness.

What’s the best way for me to organize my work-from-home space with IKEA items?

Your home office needs to zip from chaos to productive. Get your hands on an ALEX desk with built-in storage. Those pegboards? Non-negotiable for hanging essentials.

And never underrate the power of a slick wall-mounted cabinet for all those bits and bobs. Working from home, but make it fashion.

Are there any innovative IKEA storage hacks for my kitchen in a small apartment?

You’ve seen those wall-mounted rails and hooks, right? They turn your kitchen tools into wall art, basically.

Magnetic spice jars on the fridge? Chef’s kiss! And that narrow trolley that slides in tight spots is like discovering an extra cupboard. IKEA’s hacks are making your tiny kitchen mighty.

Can IKEA storage help in organizing a small bathroom without drilling holes?

Oh, for sure. Those suction cup baskets just got you some prime real estate—on the walls! And the over-the-door hooks and organizers? Uh, hello, instant towel and toiletry storage.

IKEA’s in the no-drill, no-problem game, transforming your pint-sized bathroom into a retreat.

What are some creative ways to use IKEA shelving units in a small entryway?

Get playful! Mix and match those Kallax or Eket cubes. Shoes? In the cubby. Keys? Tray on top. Also, those slim shoe cabinets that flip open are like a disappearing act for clutter—ta-da!

And don’t forget to pop some hooks up there for coats and bags. Neat, sleek, and totally inviting.

How do I keep my children’s toys organized in a small living area with IKEA furniture?

Kids’ toys can be like confetti at a party—everywhere. But check out IKEA’s Trofast storage with those fun bins—color-coded if you’re feeling snazzy. Or go for a low Kallax shelf; it doubles as a bench and storage. Plus, it’s at kiddo height, making cleanup a game they’ll want to win.


Closing the curtain on our space-saving soiree, we’ve trod through a labyrinth of IKEA storage ideas for small spaces. Bet you didn’t think you could tuck away so much in tiny corners. It’s like every shelf, box, and hook unveiled another layer of your place’s potential; more Narnia, less cramped closet.

  • Sleek vertical storage options? Check.
  • Modular systems that shape-shift to your will? Got ’em.
  • A sprinkle of that minimalist magic with Scandinavian flair? You bet.

Let’s face it, your home’s now got more secret storage spots than a magician has tricks up their sleeve. Your gear’s tucked away, life’s essentials within reach, and chaos is finally taking a backseat.

Remember, the real trick isn’t just clever cabinets or hidden hangers; it’s about embracing the notion that simple shifts in how we perceive and utilize space can lead to game-changing room transformations. Here’s to your newly uncovered square footage—ready to be lived in and loved.

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