Imagine a world washed in endless shades of blue, from the tranquil cerulean of a quiet ocean cove to the bold electric pulse of a city’s neon lights. Blue isn’t just a color; it’s an expedition into the very heart of style and emotion.

This article dives deep into the psychology of color and unravels the most harmonious partners for blue in your interior design and fashion endeavors.

By the time you reach the end of our exploration, you’ll master the art of pairing blue with its best companions.

Whether it’s the energetic pop of blue and orange or the soothing ambiance of blue toned down with grey, you’ll learn how to curate spaces and styles with confidence.

We’ll touch on everything from blue color psychology to practical tips on integrating this versatile hue with other color palettes.

Prepare to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary, where the simple question—what color goes with blue—unlocks the door to a spectrum of stunning possibilities.

What Color Goes With Blue

Complementary Color Description Best Used For Common Pairings Occasions
Orange Vibrant and energetic; opposite on color wheel Artistic settings, energetic designs Blue and orange geometric prints Themed parties, creative events
White Clean and minimalistic Creating a crisp, fresh look Blue and white stripes, nautical themes Weddings, hospitals, corporate events
Gray Neutral, sophisticated Professional and modern themes Blue with charcoal gray suits Business meetings, formal events
Yellow Bright and cheerful Children’s rooms, casual and inviting spaces Blue and yellow floral patterns Casual gatherings, kitchens
Green Natural and calming Outdoors and nature-inspired themes Blue and green landscapes Eco-friendly events, outdoor activities



If you are asking what colors go with blue, you should know that there are many.  You can easily add shades of blue to a mixture of other colors.  Alternatively, you can add blue accents to a room for a bright or casual effect.  Blue is often one of the main colors in nautical or tropical decor themes and looks striking when combined with whites, greys and bright reds.

As a cool color, you can combine blue with other cool colors such as greys, or even blacks.  Add warmth by combining blue with purple.  And if you are going for the opposite color of blue, add orange.  The two colors will offset each other, adding a vibrant touch to a room.

Here are some colors that go with blue

Blue with silver

Image source: Dallas Rugs

Blue and silver add sparkle and serenity along with a touch of glamour.  The combination can create a futuristic feel to a room, but can also be classic and sophisticated.

Blue and cranberry

Image source: Robin’s Nest Interiors

When your blue color scheme is made up of hazy blues, the best color to add is cranberry.  This will give you a traditional, warm and relaxed color scheme which is great for your dining room, living room or bedroom.

Blue and bronze

Image source: Robin Hiken Interiors

If your room feels a little cool, add some bronze.  Bronze is a great compliment to blue, and will give your room an interesting, modern feel.  You could add bronze accents or even interesting light features to create a vibrant room.

Blue and white

Image source: Twist Tours Photography

If you are looking for colors that go well with royal blue, cobalt or navy, look no further than white!  This crisp, clean color will brighten up your blue color scheme, giving any room a clean, fresh appearance.

Blue and peach

Image source: Tommy Hein Architects

Peach rooms are often soft and peaceful, but by adding a touch of blue, you’ll bring your peach room alive.  Use soft blues for a gentle feel, or deeper, darker blues to add contrast.  Your room will soon feel interesting and unique.

Blue and Canary yellow

Image source: Alexandra Naranjo Designs

If you have a blue color scheme you are enjoying but you wish to add sunshine and life, you may wonder what colors you could choose.  Canary yellow makes an excellent accompaniment to a blue color scheme.  You’ll brighten up your home in no time at all.

Blue and Mint

Image source: restyle design, llc

If you have a home filled with pretty blue colors, mint will be the perfect accent for you.  Combining delicate blues and greens will give you a wonderful cottage atmosphere which is perfect for your living room or dining room.  If you’re interested in a vintage feel, mint and blue will also provide a great color combination.

Blue and wheat


If you are working towards a cosy, stylish home, you may wonder what compliments blue to give a warm, soft look?  Wheat is a great color choice.  Both colors are soft and will combine well to give you a classic color theme.

Blue and lavender

Image source: Jon Andersen Interiors

If you’re working towards a home with a feminine appeal, blue and lavender make the perfect color combination.  Combining two cool colors will give you a soft, relaxing feel.

Blue and blush

Image source: Roberto Herrero

Like lavender, blush will give a soft, feminine feel to a room.  You could use blush in different combinations, and the gentle feeling this color brings will add appeal to any feminine home.

Blue and midnight

Image source: Echelon Custom Homes

If you are creating a masculine feel to your home and office, consider paring blue with deep midnight or black.  This color combination will create a deep, sensual bedroom or masculine office.


Image source: Savvy Interiors

When looking for a color that matches with blue to give a rich warm atmosphere, think of champagne.  Champagne is more subtle than gold, but will add depth and warmth to any blue room.

Blue and teal

Although teal may be a complement of blue, it is different enough to stand out.  Combining teal and navy blue will give you a fun, retro and very youthful look which will add a modern touch to your home.

Blue and bubblegum

Image source: Erin Sander Design

If you want to contrast masculine and feminine, add bubblegum pink accents to your color scheme.  Bubblegum is a bright, fun color that goes with blue to create a playful mood.

Blue and chocolate

Add a retro touch to your home by combining blue and chocolate brown.  The contrast between the warm and cool colors will spruce up your home, creating a warm yet soothing space.

Blue and scarlet

If you wish to add a dramatic or very warm touch to a blue room, scarlet makes the perfect color.  This deep, warm red will add a cheerful, festive feel to color schemes with blue.

Blue and grass

Image source: SPACE Architects + Planners

If you are wondering ‘do blue and green match?’ you’d be surprised at how well blue and grass combine.  Combined in nature, these two colors create a fresh, organic feel that gives a crisp and interesting touch to a home.

Blue and mustard

Mustard is a current color trend that is popular in interior design.  By combining mustard with blue, you will create a warm, spicy and yet relaxing feeling in your home.  All in all, a great color combination.

Blue and coral

Image source: Andrew Roby General Contractor

Bright, fresh and feminine, coral adds a warm touch to a home.  When you combine coral and blue, you can’t go wrong.  This color combination is great for a breakfast nook, a bathroom or a patio.


If you’re looking at creating a costal home or other deeply relaxing space, combining blue with ash will create a feeling of peace and tranquillity.  These soft color combinations will create a home so soothing; you’ll never want to leave.

Blue and orchid

Image source: Gray Walker Interiors

When thinking of a blue compliment, orchid may not be your first choice.  However, blue and purple sit next to each other on the color wheel.  Both are considered to be cool colors.  If you have a pastel blue color palette and you are looking for a bold color to combine with this, deep orchid colors may be your perfect choice.

Fresh color combinations:  the classic blue and white combination

Image source: Highgate House

We so often draw on nature for our color combinations, and organic colors relax us.  It is no surprise, then, that we can be overwhelmed by too many harsh or vibrant colors, while blue and white soothes us.  Seen in the combination of bright waves, and striking sea foam, or blue skies and white clouds, blue and white is a classic combination.

No matter how color trends come and go, our classic choices stay with us.  This color choice is very versatile, and can suit a classic home as easily as a gentle sea cottage.  Blues and whites remain fresh from season to season and can easily be teamed up with warm throws or textures during cool weather.

If you are not sure which color combinations will suit your home, or are afraid to commit to current trends, this classic color combination makes a great choice.

Blues and whites in a classic living room

Image source: Schwarz Lewis Design Group, Inc.

Blue and white living rooms come in a range of different styles.  You could combine a pretty light blue with fresh whites, or use an all white backdrop with blue accents.  Perhaps the easiest blue and white color combination comes with pairing bright blue pillows, throws, rugs or ceramics with a white or neutral backdrop.

This color choice suits a range of decorating styles and furniture choices, and will remain timeless and classic no matter what life throws at us.

One handy tip to remember is the darker the blue color you use in your home, the greater the proportion of white you will need to balance it out.

Soothing but stylish bedrooms

Image source: Peter D’Aprix Photography

Creating the perfect shade of blue and white for your bedroom may feel like a challenge.  There are so many different choices out there after all!  However, your bedroom is your own private space, so you have more freedom to get creative when decorating.  In the bedroom, you’re looking to combine your personal tastes with a soothing or relaxing atmosphere.

In the bedroom, you can create soft blue feature walls combined with white linen, or combine a white backdrop with pretty blue colors.  You also have the choice of teal and navy to add pizzazz to a tranquil space.  Remember to use soft lighting to create pools of warm light which will add atmosphere.

In a bedroom, you will be working towards a soothing effect, so gentle blues are key.  Try to limit your colors and reduce the number of accents you combine with blue in your bedroom.  If bright whites don’t appeal, you could always swap them for soft, subtle greys.

Trendy kitchens

Image source: Von Fitz Design

Blue and white kitchens are versatile, and have been incorporated into a range of different styles.  From the classic home to the modern minimalist, blue and white has remained a constant color combination.  Creating a blue and white kitchen color combination will give you a soothing space to work.  In an open plan space, your kitchen will also be easily incorporated into the rest of your home.

Your kitchen color scheme is often determined by your cabinets, your choice of backsplash, the colors in your island and your blinds or ceramics.  Many kitchens will have navy blue cabinets combined with white countertops or backsplashes, but the reverse may also be true!  White cabinets may combine with a splash of cobalt mosaic.

How you incorporate your blue and white color scheme will determine the style of your kitchen. By playing with color of your accessories or ceramics, you will be able to create style updates in a classic blue and white kitchen without any major renovations taking place.

How you use blues and whites in your kitchen will also determine your style.  Crisp white cabinets combined with blue and white delft ceramics will give a classic touch, while an aqua backsplash and bright blinds will create a modern, trendy feel.

Crisp, clean bathrooms

Image source: Christine Huvé Interior Design

Blues and whites in combination make great bathroom choices.  Bright white tiles combined with an aqua splash patch and soft grey towels create a relaxing and yet vibrant space.

As large cast iron bath tubs make a comeback, and bathrooms take on a clean, crisp appearance, incorporating a blue and white color palette into your bathroom has become increasingly easier.  And doing so will give you a clean, bright, airy and peaceful space to relax while taking a long soak.

Over time, you could always add additional colors to your bathroom.  Warm towels in winter or soft greys in summer will keep your space refreshingly updated while your classic base colors remain stable and serene.

FAQ On What Color Goes With Blue

What color perfectly complements navy blue in home decor?

Navy blue finds a chic counterpart in soft, pale tones like blush pink or light gray. These colors create a balanced, harmonious aesthetic, ideal for achieving a serene yet sophisticated space in your home.

Can I pair blue with metallic colors for a modern look?

Absolutely! Blue and metallics like silver, gold, or bronze bring a touch of luxury and futuristic appeal. This combination is particularly striking in contemporary interiors, adding a splash of sophistication and shine.

What are vibrant colors that match well with light blue in outfits?

Vibrant yellow or lush green can electrify light blue attire, offering a fresh, youthful vibe. These cheerful combinations are perfect for spring or summer ensembles, radiating positivity and style.

How do I use blue in a minimalist interior design style?

Opt for monochromatic shades of blue, from deep sapphire to soft sky blue. Combine with clean lines and simple textures to achieve a sleek, minimalist look that feels both calm and collected.

What color should I avoid combining with blue to maintain harmony?

While blue is versatile, pairing it with certain shades of green can sometimes clash and create visual discordance. Stick to complementary or analogous colors on the color wheel to keep things pleasing to the eye.

Is there a color that can make dark blue stand out in a room?

Bright white is the go-to for making dark blue stand out. This classic contrast not only highlights the richness of the blue but also adds a crisp, fresh look to any room.

How do I incorporate blue into a rustic style interior?

Consider earthy, natural tones like terracotta, beige, or warm wood colors to blend with blue. This palette will align blue with rustic charm, invoking a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

What are the best colors to pair with blue for a gender-neutral nursery?

Soft greens, yellows, and gray are excellent choices for a gender-neutral nursery. These colors offer a soothing palette that works beautifully with various shades of blue, creating a peaceful, welcoming space for any child.

Can blue be a good choice for boosting productivity in an office setting?

Blue is known for its calming effects and ability to reduce stress, making it an excellent choice for office environments where focus and tranquility are key. Pair it with crisp whites or subtle greys to maintain a professional look.

What colors complement royal blue in a wedding color scheme?

For a regal and elegant wedding palette, combine royal blue with muted gold, ivory, or soft rose. These combinations promise a sophisticated and memorable wedding color scheme that exudes luxury and style.


Diving into the world of colors, the exploration of what color goes with blue reveals an expansive canvas of possibilities. From the soothing whispers of pale grays in minimalist designs to the spirited shouts of vibrant yellows in bolder applications, blue remains an astonishingly versatile hue. Its adaptability in fashion and interior design is unmatched, resonating through every stroke of the designer’s brush.

The tranquil blue can anchor a serene setting or dance beautifully alongside metallic accents in futuristic spaces. Each pairing not only reflects personal style but also enhances the emotional palette of any room.

As we draw the curtains on our color exploration, remember the key lies in balance and contrast; mastering these will allow blue to truly shine in its dynamic glory. Whether it’s layering shades for a monochromatic scheme or crafting the perfect color wheel contrast, blue’s potential is only as limited as our creativity.

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