Imagine the timeless charm of a red brick wall as a backdrop in your space. Uniting it with the right paint colors transforms an area from simple to sensational.

The question is: which hues complement this rugged classic without overwhelming its natural beauty?

Dwelling in the variety of complementary colors, this article guides you through a well-curated palette, exploring exterior paint ideas and offering visual harmony for interiors alike.

It’s about going beyond the surface, diving into color theory, and emerging with palette selections that enhance the rich character of red brick.

By the end, expect a clearer vision of your home aesthetics, armed with knowledge to select earth-tone colors, or perhaps a cool color palette that elevates rather than clashes.

Whether you’re enhancing curb appeal or crafting an inviting indoor oasis, the secrets revealed here will navigate you through the myriad of muted paint choices available, paving the way to a perfectly painted partnership with red brick.

Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick Wall

Paint Color Tone/Vibe Complementary or Contrasting Usage Considerations
Cream Warm Complementary Balancing the warmth of the brick Ensures a soft, cohesive look; can lighten up dark red brick
Sage Green Earthy/Natural Complementary Highlighting natural elements Blends well with landscaping; adds a serene touch
Soft Grey Neutral Complementary Modernizing classic brick Offers a contemporary look without overpowering
Navy Blue Bold Contrasting Creating a statement Emphasizes the red brick for a nautical or classic aesthetic
White Bright/Clean Both Complementary and Contrasting Making red brick stand out Provides a crisp background; can require more maintenance

Reddish Brick and White Paint

Image source: Reiko Feng Shui Design

The most optimal way to highlight the earthly tone of red brick is by pairing it with white paint color. At the same time, that is an airy combination that’s very versatile as well. In that sense, white balances out the deepness of the red brick color. Hence, this setup adds extra dimensionality to your space.

The Dark Blue and Red Brick Combination

Image source: Michaelis Boyd Associates

This example seems a risky move considering how far apart those two colors sit on the color wheel. However, they do work very well together in practice. For example, using white trims around walls in dark blue color pairs greatly with red brick. Thus, it is an excellent alternative to the azure or royal color schemes.

Pairing Taupe and Sage Green on a Red Brick House

Image source: Behr

Taupe and sage green are among the most popular paint colors that go with red brick wall. After all, the red base and the green paint color are a natural pair. Hence, you can apply muted sage green to the interior walls of your red brick home. That hue will only highlight the beauty of that material without clashing with it.

Light Gray Walls and Red Brick

Image source: Elite Remodeling

Soft gray is similar to white paint in terms of versatility. Plus, both shades are very reflective and support the accent color you’re pairing them with. As such, light gray pain in the interior of your house is a sure-shot way to brighten up the space. At the same time, it will put more eyes on that particular red brick hue.

Using the Cool Gray and Hunter Green Paint Colors


A red brick wall can apply a predominantly orange-based color to your setup. To balance out the overall look, you can use deeper shades like cool gray and hunter green. Such combinations will also protect the red brick from direct sun rays or chemicals.

Beige With Red Brick

Image source: Peter Eskuche, AIA

Beige is another of the widely used paint colors that go with red brick wall. Since it is a neutral and cool shade, it works great alongside the reddish hue of an inner brick wall. Then, you can install brown undertones in the flooring for an interesting outcome. Similarly, apply pure white elements at various intervals to add visual fidelity to the room.

Combining Dark Teal and Red Brick

Image source: Stone Acorn Builders

To contrast the red brick’s unique warm shade, it’s best to use a cooler counterpart. A dark blue-green (or dark teal) is one of the primary suspects for that role. Then, consider adding some black shutters and installing white trims to round it all up.

The Plum Colors and Red Brick

Image source: Kim Parker Interiors

Plum is a type of richer hue that also fits in a setup close to red brick. For example, you can apply it near the front door or on the shutters. That way, plum can make the room look more spacious and eventful.

Dark Gray on a Red Brick Wall

Image source: Bella Vista Company

This is an option that matches the intensity of the red brick instead of contrasting it. Thus, you’ll need to balance these darker colors by adding brighter hues elsewhere. As a result, this combination has a more limited usability factor.

The Brown Color On a Red Brick House

Image source: JD’s

Painting one side of your interior walls brown looks cute next to a red brick wall. Plus, it reflects light and serves to cozy up the space.

Combining the Black Color With Red Brick

Image source: The Last Inch

The black color adds style and sophistication under the right circumstances. If you have a red brick wall in your living room, black paint can accentuate its reddish hue. Hence, black can act as a neutral shade that supports an accent color.

Black works on the exterior of your house as well. Adding it to the window frames results in a sleek look for any red brick house. Thus, use it sparingly for the “less is more” effect.

Forest Green on a Red Brick Base

Image source: Sherwin Williams

The softer shades of green create a fun setup when next to a red brick wall. Also, many homeowners use forest green to achieve a rustic living room look. However, keep in mind the color of your other elements before opting for this approach. You don’t want the colors to clash with each other too much.

Using Goldenrod Next to Red Brick

Image source: ADL Interiors

Goldenrod is an excellent choice if you’re trying to create a homely and welcoming living space. In essence, it is a warmer hue of yellow, with just a slight touch of brown. As such, it goes very well with the orange shade of red bricks. Together, they are perfect next to the fireplace.

Olive Color Paint and Red Brick

Image source: TEMZA

Olive is a reliable choice when you want to highlight the red hues within the room. As such, it is a natural pair for a red brick wall inside your living room. It provides a subtle contrast to the scene and is also easy on the eyes.

Navy Blue Next to a Red Brick Wall

Image source: Juliya Butova Studio

Navy blue brings a cooler touch to any setup by default. So, it is a great way to offset the warmth and intensity of a red brick interior wall. That contrast serves in both colors’ favor since they’ll end up sharing the spotlight.

Next, consider adding some crisp white elements to soften the clash between these two hues. Also, you can add light brown shades on the flooring which goes with that color scheme.

The Cerulean Color With Red Brick

Image source: S&K Interiors LLC

Since cerulean is a very soft variation of blue, it can indeed work as the base for an accent wall. You can also use gray overtones on the nearby components for a tasteful combo. Such a mixture of cool colors is an excellent contrast for a red brick wall.

Army Green and a Red Brick Wall

Image source: Lisa & Leroy

Those shooting for an earthly setup should combine red brick with the army green color. For example, select it as the base color for your dining table or living room furniture. Also, you can add subtle lines of army green on the wall to complement the red brick.

The Orange Color and Red Brick

Image source: DHD Architecture and Interior Design

If you’re using red brick with deeper red hues as the dominant color palette, you can combine it even with orange. Together, they create a warm-looking interior paint that’s perfect for your guest room. Next, consider adding some light creamy white paint to balance the overall setting.

Combining Yellow and Red Brick

Image source: BlackHaus

Yellow adds light and carries a fun factor whenever you apply it. For example, it’s a very neat combination with a red brick wall for your kid’s bedroom. It looks cozy and warm, especially next to other elements of a similar color scheme.

The Mustard Color and Red Brick

Image source: Bakyt Temirkulov

Mustard and the deep red of a brick wall are an elegant pair that brings luxury to any living space. If you’re shooting for a more sparkling look, consider adding artwork with gold frames.

Choosing the Roof Color Next to a Red Brick House

Image source: Triangle Brick Company

The color of your roof should round up the presentation of your entire homestead. So, consider its hue when choosing the exterior wall paint colors.

Using Pink Next to a Red Brick Wall

Image source: DFS

Pink is not an obvious inclusion among the paint colors that go with a red brick wall, but it’s a decent choice indeed. Thanks to it, you can prevent the red from dominating your setup. Also, you can pair it with some deep burgundy to achieve an ombre look.

FAQ On Paint Colors That Go With Red Brick Wall

What paint colors best complement a red brick wall for an exterior?

Earth-tone colors often harmonize effortlessly with red brick, acting as a natural extension of its warm hues.

Opt for creamy beiges or soft sage greens to draw the eye and subtly uplift the distinctive features of the brick, enhancing your home’s exterior beautification without overwhelming it.

How do I choose interior paint colors to match red brick?

Soft neutrals like off-white or light gray foster a cohesive flow inside. Balance is key; consider a color wheel’s contrasting palettes to find shades that offer a distinct yet harmonious contrast, such as muted blues or subdued greens, enriching the visual texture of the room.

Seasonal color trends often dictate desirable choices. Recently, deep charcoals and navy blues have gained popularity, offering a bold contrast that accentuates red brick walls.

Such design trends lean towards making a statement rather than blending in, emboldening the aesthetic appeal of the property.

Are there any colors I should avoid with red brick?

Steering clear of colors that clash with red brick’s warm undertones is wise. Bright, overpowering hues can conflict, creating visual tension.

Instead, lean towards complementary or neutral paint shades that enhance rather than compete with the brick’s natural charm, maintaining the integrity of your architectural style.

Can I use bold colors with red brick?

Absolutely, bold colors can create a captivating contrast. A rich forest green or navy can draw out the warmth of red brick, making a striking statement. The aim is to enhance, not overshadow, the brick’s texture with a color contrast that’s confident yet respectful.

What are some classic paint color choices for red brick walls?

Time-tested choices often include warm paint tones such as taupe or creamy whites. They resonate with the brick’s rustic appeal. For a touch of elegance, deep greens or blues serve well, reinforcing the visual harmony without competing with the red brick itself.

How does lighting affect paint colors next to red brick?

Lighting significantly impacts how paint colors appear alongside red brick. Natural light can bring out subtle undertones, while artificial lighting can shift perceptions.

Testing swatches in various lighting scenarios ensures the chosen color complements the wall painting techniques and brick’s facade harmoniously throughout the day.

What tips can you give for selecting an accent color with red brick?

Identify a color scheme that resonates with the environment. For instance, using nature as inspiration, incorporate an olive green or rust for an earthy, grounded feel.

Consider aspects like curb appeal or the interior mood you’d like to evoke when pinpointing the ideal accent color.

Are there paint finishes that work best with red brick?

Semi-gloss or satin finishes tend to be more durable and easier to clean, making them ideal for exterior surfaces.

These finishes have a slight sheen that complements the red brick texture without stealing the spotlight, enhancing both the home exterior and the paint color itself.

How do I prepare a red brick wall before painting?

Preparation is pivotal. Ensure the brick is clean, dry, and repaired if necessary.

Priming is crucial, as bricks are porous; using a primer helps paint adhere better and last longer, safeguarding your work against the elements and time — essentials in home renovation projects and maintaining property value.


Wrapping our palette exploration, an astute selection of paint colors melds with the rustic allure of red brick to architect ethereal spaces. Classic neutrals, grounded earth tones, and daring bold accents all play their part in this delicate dance of hues.

  • Relish the resurgence of deep, rich, accent colors;
  • Embrace the understated elegance of warm neutrals;
  • Infuse contemporary vibrancy with cool contrasts.

It’s evident that the perfect partner to red brick isn’t a single, definitive color—it’s a spectrum of choices tailored to the unique character of each wall, and the individual taste of those who cherish it.

From the quiet complementary colors that whisper of tradition to the brazen contrasts that shout modernity, the journey concludes here, but inspiration is everlasting. May this trove of color wisdom inspire spaces that speak volumes, articulating personal style against the timeless canvas of red brick.


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