Picture a canvas, awaiting the first stroke of the brush — that’s your room, and Kendall Charcoal is the bold choice daring to redefine it.

Enveloping spaces with its deep, resonant hue, this shade by Benjamin Moore invites an orchestra of colors to play along.

Nestled within the spectrum’s embrace, myriad possibilities await. From soft neutrals whispering balance to vibrant contrasts declaring their presence, this guide unlocks the secret symphony of pairings.

Imagine walls chatting with furnishings in a visual harmony that speaks the language of home decor.

By journey’s end, a mastery of the color theory that harmonizes with Kendall Charcoal will be yours. Discover the transformative power of the right color palette, the whisper of earth tones, and the statement of an accent color.

As we delve into the nuances of complementary colors and the allure of contrast shades, a tailored ambience awaits creation — one brushstroke at a time.

Colors That Go With Kendall Charcoal

Colors That Go With Kendall Charcoal Hue Family Color Type Best Used For Complementary Styles
White Dove (OC-17 by Benjamin Moore) Off-white Neutral Trim, ceilings, and millwork for contrast Modern, minimalist, traditional
Sea Salt (SW 6204 by Sherwin-Williams) Soft green/blue Light pastel Accent walls, bathrooms, and bedrooms Coastal, spa-like, breezy
Pale Oak (OC-20 by Benjamin Moore) Warm light taupe Neutral Open spaces, living rooms, and hallways Contemporary, rustic, chic
Revere Pewter (HC-172 by Benjamin Moore) Light warm gray Neutral Coordinating walls in open floor plans Versatile for any design style
Hale Navy (HC-154 by Benjamin Moore) Deep navy blue Rich and saturated Accent walls, furniture, and cabinetry Nautical, classic, bold

Love Kendall Charcoal? Use It in These Combinations!

Kitchen Cabinetry With Painted Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Armor Tough Coatings

The deep slate gray of the Benjamin Moore paint looks great on kitchen cabinets. Plus, it’s super easy to pair Kendall charcoal with the right flooring. Revision LLC used it right with light/medium stained wood.

Oak is another great match for these types of paint colors. It looks charming under natural light and the rich gray paint adds style to the overall setup.

Dining Room With an Accent Kitchen Island

Image source: Nolan Painting Inc.

To make your kitchen design stand out, implement cool undertones for the island area. The Kendall charcoal true gray shade is a suitable hue for that task. It results in a balanced dining area that’s both modern and inviting.

Wood Accents With Warm Gray Undertones

Image source: Lael O’Brien Design

Kendall charcoal is an excellent fit for any of the wooden elements in your homestead. So, you can apply it on doors, window frames, and columns. Either way, that color will highlight the wooden textures beautifully.

Kendall Charcoal Paint Colors on Doors

Image source: Michelle McKoy Designs

This shade looks great on various doorways, especially the more spacious ones. For example, apply Kendall charcoal on wide barn doors to accentuate its green undertone. In that way, you’ll also showcase its reliable light reflectance value.

Kendall Charcoal In the Interior of Your House

Image source: Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Kendall charcoal is also an accent wall color. Such an approach brings high class and elegance and calls for fixed elements of a brighter hue. Thus, it is among the paint samples you can apply on larger wooden cabinets as well.

Bringing Style Into the Dining Room

Image source: Revision LLC

Most dining room solutions rely on the white background as a recurring base. However, the white and the Kendall charcoal colors coordinate with each other very well. Alas, they appear close by on the color wheel, making them a likely pair from the get-go.

Black Accents Next to Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Urrutia Design

Since it’s a versatile neutral shade, Kendall charcoal fits even with the black color. Hence, you don’t have to look for softer brown hues to contrast it. Black shutters work just as well.

Kendall Charcoal as the Ceiling Color

Image source: Jane Lockhart Design

Many fashionable interior design solutions involve warm or cool painted ceilings. So, if you’re shooting for a bold statement, you won’t go wrong with using Kendall charcoal. Then, you can easily pair it with a softer pattern on the floor.

Using Kendall Charcoal on Your Home Exterior

Image source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

For an Inspired Room look, you can paint the back and front doors in Kendall charcoal. Next, you can enrichen the doorways with many other colors and potted plants. Hence, the list of colors that go with Kendall charcoal is expansive.

Kendall Charcoal on a Shiplap?

Image source: Nomad Soul Interiors

You can break the norm in a good way by painting the shiplap Kendall charcoal instead of the usual white. The outcome will be a sophisticated and regal look that’s easy on the eyes.

Adding Kendall Charcoal Next to the Trim

Image source: Michelle Salz-Smith, ASID, CID, NCIDQ

Since Kendall charcoal carries dark gray overtones, you should contrast it with a light trim color. That interplay adds depth to the scene and allows both focal points to share the spotlight. Hence, if you’re using Kendall charcoal elsewhere, opt for the Swiss Coffee hue for the trims of your house.

Dark Gray Paint on the Kitchen Cabinets

Image source: Murphy Maude Interiors

The Kendall charcoal color palette comprises darker shades as well. Thus, you can reserve the further end of the spectrum for the kitchen cabinets. Afterward, apply a light backsplash or white countertops for the right contrast.

The Many Use Cases for Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Cannarsa Structure and Design

The list of colors that go with Kendall charcoal is super long and is difficult to make a mistake when using it. In short, it is one of the most versatile color bases out there. You can combine it with any accent color and is a very safe choice to make overall.

Can Kendall Charcoal Work as an Accent Color?

Image source: Kendall Marcelle Design Assoc. Inc.

Benjamin Moore came up with several tasteful combinations where Kendall charcoal takes center stage. For example, there are the popular Light Pewter and Simply White color schemes. Hence, you can use Kendall charcoal as the focal point in any off-white based interior.

Adding Kendall Charcoal Into a Home Office Setup

Image source: Anjali Pollack Design

If you’d prefer a monochromatic look for your working space, Kendall charcoal is an excellent choice. That way, you’ll set the foundations to further modernize the room as you wish. For example, you can implement a contrasting trim for an extra dimension.

Stone Interior Elements and Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Fiorella Design

Kendall charcoal is a reliable tool for highlighting the more unique aspects of your house. So, if you have stone columns between the interior walls, use Kendall charcoal paint. This hue fits naturally into that kind of ambiance and will further elevate its regal qualities.

Using Kendall Charcoal Paint in the Bedroom

Image source: Orange Coast Interior Design

Kendall charcoal is a tasteful choice for small spaces like a bedroom. In such setups, it introduces coziness and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, use it to paint your bedroom walls for a warm vibe.

Porch Accessories Next to Walls in Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Black Lacquer Design

This popular base goes with a handful of bold colors that contrast it. The list includes muted yellow, pink, and even maroon color. However, there are myriad ways to further enrich the atmosphere when using Kendall charcoal.

For example, bright pink varieties of hydrangeas represent a charming solution for adding flair to the setup. Such bushes are rich in color and populating the yard with them brings multiple advantages. Hence, they can raise the overall worth of your house in the process.

Uplifting Your Dining Room Area With Kendall Charcoal

Image source: Elite Staging and Redesign, LLC

Many stick to what has worked in the past when decorating their dining rooms. However, giving quality new additions like the Kendall charcoal color a shot is far from risky. Instead, this grey hue adds just the right touch of weight and style to the overall ambiance.

Kendall Charcoal In a Mud Room

Image source: Great Rooms Designers & Builders

Many deem Benjamin Moore’s Kendall charcoal to be a dark color with very limited usability. However, this charming mudroom shows how great it looks in tightly confined areas. At the same time, it’s a testament to this color’s warm interaction with the brown shades. The effect is all the more pronounced due to the inclusion of soft woodwork in the mix.

FAQ On Colors That Go With Kendall Charcoal

What are ideal trim colors to pair with Kendall Charcoal?

Crisp white trims are transformative—like a breath of fresh air against the duskiness of Kendall Charcoal. They frame rooms with sophisticated sharpness, clearly declaring zones of calm and beauty.

Can I use Kendall Charcoal for exterior painting?

Absolutely. As a durable, sophisticated hue, Kendall Charcoal brings an elegant gravitas to exteriors, nestling beautifully against natural greens or juxtaposed with lighter, neutral tones or even bold door colors to create inviting entrances.

What accent colors complement Kendall Charcoal in a living space?

Glorious bursts of mustard yellows, vibrant teals, or even soft blush pinks elevate the aesthetic when they break the charcoal monotony. They speak in soft whispers or loud exclamations, depending on their saturation—a designer’s delight.

How does Kendall Charcoal perform in smaller spaces?

Intimidating, perhaps, but don’t shy away. Kendall Charcoal can make cozy nooks feel endlessly chic, especially when balanced with light and airy colors that amplify space – think ivory or pastel hues.

What lighting works best with Kendall Charcoal walls?

Warm, layered lighting transforms Kendall Charcoal into a living entity, each corner revealing depth under a soft white glow. Aim for a mix—ambient, task, and accent—to dance across the charcoal canvas.

Which colors should I avoid pairing with Kendall Charcoal?

Hesitate before joining forces with very dark shades—especially browns and dark greens, which can overwhelm and underwhelm simultaneously. Seek contrast; allow each color its moment in the spotlight.

What color flooring matches Kendall Charcoal walls?

Think woods with rich grains, stones exuding earthen charm, or even polished concrete. These options ground the room and tie the bow on a cohesive interior design.

How can I balance a room with Kendall Charcoal walls?

Harness the power of metallic accentscrisp linens, and elements that reflect light. They’re your secret weapons, bouncing brightness and layering textures.

Is Kendall Charcoal too trendy for long-term home decor?

Timeless more than trendy, Kendall Charcoal offers adaptability. Anchor it with classic elements; it’s a color with endurance in the style marathon, rarely running out of steam.

How can Kendall Charcoal influence the mood of a room?

Enigmatic yet comforting, Kendall Charcoal wraps rooms in sophistication that whispers of midnight talks and contemplative days—a backdrop to life’s complexities and celebrations.


As the final stroke is cast upon this exploratory canvas, the colors that go with Kendall Charcoal invite a parting reflection. Embracing this bold choice as a base, we’ve traversed the spectrum from the subtleties of complementary neutrals to the delight of spirited accent colors. The journey reveals that when it comes to design, Kendall Charcoal is a veritable chameleon—adaptingtransforming, and elevating spaces with quiet confidence.

Each suggested pairing, anchored in the solidity of color theory and the practicality of design trends, isn’t mere conjecture but an invitation. An invitation to experiment, to express, and to enhance the very spaces we inhabit. When the dust settles and the paint dries, may the walls around you not just stand but speak—whispering tales of moodharmony, and home.

In the dance of light and shadow, in the blend of texture and hue, Kendall Charcoal stands waiting. What will you speak into existence?


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