Sunlight spills across the room, casting a warm glow that enriches the deep allure of cherry wood floors beneath your feet.

The right choice in paint color not only complements these rich floors but elevates the entire ambiance of your space. A harmonious palette is essential; after all, your walls are the canvas to your home’s character.

In this article, you’ll unlock the secrets to the perfect match for your cherished cherry wood floors. From embracing the warm undertones to highlighting the wood’s natural beauty with a distinct color scheme, each suggestion aims to enhance the way you feel in your living space.

We’ll dabble in the arts of color harmony and the science behind visual room expansion, ensuring a sophisticated balance that caresses the eyes.

Discover how to walk the fine line between contrasting designs and seamless color transitions, as we venture into a spectrum of choices that resonate with the elegance of your hardwood floors.

By the conclusion, a curated list of wall colors – each a testament to the graceful dance between cherry wood and carefully chosen hues – will be yours to explore.

Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

Paint Color Description Ambiance Complementary Style Best Usage
Soft Neutrals Light beige or creamy tones that provide a warm backdrop Calming and inviting Traditional, cozy Living rooms, bedrooms
Warm Whites Whites with yellow, red, or brown undertones Bright and airy Modern, minimalist Any room to enhance natural light
Pale Green Subtle green shades that evoke nature Soothing and refreshing Rustic, nature-inspired Bathrooms, bedrooms, living spaces
Light Gray Cool or warm gray to contrast the reddish tones of the floor Neutral and balanced Contemporary, urban Kitchens, offices, open spaces
Rich Blue Deep navy or vibrant blues to complement the wood’s richness Elegant and dramatic Glamorous, eclectic Accent walls, dining rooms, libraries

The Best Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Wide Plank Floor Supply

As for the possible decorating options for a floor rich with red undertones, start with complementary paint colors. Note that you’ll need to make several correct choices when updating your living room. This includes not just the wall paint colors, but also the rug, curtains, etc. All those elements should work and play off of each other.

Image source: Wide Plank Floor Supply

Generally, you’d want to combine softer colors on the walls with darker hues on the floor. Thus, you’ll capture more natural light and better accent the wood floor. So, when using cherry wood floors, look for a light cream or pastel shade to paint the walls with.

Image source: Hull Forest Products 

In other words, search for combinations that will either match or contrast. To settle for a method, consider the overall dark-light balance within the room. Dark hardwood floors go best with a highly contrasting color on the walls. Therefore, try to use a softer hue for the walls after setting up the cherry wood flooring.

What To Combine With Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Wide Plank Floor Supply

Cherry hardwood floors provide a strong reddish tone that doesn’t work with any other color. Thus, you need to carefully plan ahead to prevent it from clashing with the paint color. In other words, keep the contrast you want to achieve in mind when making your choice. So, note that not every accent color belongs in that setup.

Using White Color With Brazilian Cherry Floors

Image source: Lapis Design Partners

Pure white is the most natural and sure-shot choice for accentuating a cherry wood floor.

Image source: NYKB

Painting all of the walls with a cool white color will create a beautiful contrast with the reddish ground. You can also mix it with a bit of a grayish hint in some cases.

Beige Walls and a Cherry Hardwood Floor

Image source:

The beige and cherry colors form that classic rustic look that many homeowners shoot for. They create a cozy and warm surrounding that’s perfect for relaxation. In that sense, the beige provides a neutral shade that contrasts the reddish tones of cherry wood. Thus, only the warm undertones will remain in the spotlight in that relaxing atmosphere.

Deep Blue Color and Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Brazilian Direct, Ltd

Dark blue can match the cherry wood in terms of intensity, complementing its stronger shades. Thus, that contrast won’t be the center of attention, but it will be pleasant to the eye. The natural tones of the cherry wood floor will pop up even more as a result.

Combining the Tres Naturale Beige Variant

Image source: Sherwin Williams

This famous beige shade is a great match for dark floors with a reddish base. It provides enough contrast to put both hues at the forefront of the guests’ attention. Also, there are sub-variants of Tres Naturale that comprise pink and golden hues. Hence, it is a versatile color that you can introduce into many setups.

Green Walls in a Room With Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Wide Plank Floor Supply

Green is one of the most popular paint colors that go with cherry wood floors. A light green hue brightens any space and can lead to a very fun look. On the other hand, dark green paint is an excellent choice for a more intimate space. Sage green is another possible combination for cherry wood since they’re both on the darker end of the spectrum.

That pairing is a common option these days and leaves a lot of room for extra splashes of color. Hence, it is a flexible choice that goes with a number of different paint color variations.

Light Blue and Cherry Heartwood

Image source: Orren Pickell Building Group

One of the best ways to introduce contrast to a cherry wood floor is by adding a cool shade of light blue on the walls. The outcome is an interesting setup that you can further tune for added uniqueness.

Image source: Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

However, be careful with how light the walls end up looking since you don’t want to create a full disparity. Thus, carefully compare the color wheel with the innate color of the cherry floor.

Violet Walls and Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Kimberley Bryan

Pressed Violet on the walls is another fancy choice when using cherry dark flooring. It introduces a softer vibe to the interior that will remind visitors of lavender. Many find this a classic look that fits many rooms within the household. However, using this approach when repainting your living room is the most popular solution.

Gold Paint Color With Cherry Floors

Image source: Floor Coverings International of Charleston

A subtle combination of gold and red colors is a shortcut to an elegant living space. It provides warmth and coziness without any of the hues overpowering the other. Instead, the outcome is a vibrant setup that you’ll enjoy relaxing in. For a more luxurious result, apply a darker gold hue on the walls next to the deep cherry wood floor.

Deep Red With Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: James Carriere

This is an obvious pairing that will further highlight the natural red tint within cherry flooring. However, be practical with your choice of shade so as to not create a too-extreme final look.

Using Apricot With Yellow Undertones

Image source: Lapis Design Partners

Light apricot or yellow walls go very well with reddish cherry wood floors. They provide a soft contrast to each other and both manage to attract eyes effortlessly. For the best outcome, favor the more muted shades to apply on the walls.

Gray Walls and Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: Lean Lens Architects

A neutral color like light gray can complement the accent colors and red tones of the cherry floor. This can also be a more edgy look if you choose so, however. To that end, apply a paint color with a predominantly dark hue.

Pairing Chocolate Brown With Red Tones on the Floor

Image source: KohlMark Architects and Builders

Bringing accent colors like brown and red together can result in a very elegant look. For example, try combining chocolate brown on the ceiling with a cherry wood floor. Next, fill up the space with mainly white elements. That way, you’ll prevent the clash between the two from being dominant while highlighting both of the deep colors.

Conclusion on Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

Image source: The Cabinet Store + Culina Design

Cherry wood floors bring a high level of coziness that rounds up that popular rustic look. They’re fun to look at and pave the way for a truly relaxing living room setup. Also, you can find many possible pairings regarding wall paint colors that fit that picture. So, have your space in mind when inspecting our recommendations.

FAQ On Paint Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Floors

What Wall Color Complements Cherry Wood Floors Best?

There’s an enchanting dance between wall color and the warm, red undertones of cherry wood floors. Neutral tones or off-whites often play nicely, balancing the richness without overwhelming the senses.

Think taupe, subtle beige, or a gentle ivory as a backdrop for that grand, timeless appearance.

Is It Possible to Pair Cool Colors with Cherry Wood Floors?

Absolutely, and the contrast can be strikingly chic. To ensure harmony, select cool colors with enough depth to stand up to the wood’s intensity.

Slate gray or a reserved blue have the gravitas to meld serenely with the floors, especially when they share a muted, sophisticated undertone.

How Should I Approach Using Bold Colors in Rooms with Cherry Wood Floors?

Bold colors require careful thought—they’re the flamboyant guests at the party. Rich greens or deep blues can create a luxurious feel, but they must be used sparingly.

Accent walls are a safe bet, adding a dash of drama without overpowering the innate beauty of the wood.

Can I Use Light Paint Colors with Cherry Wood Floors?

Indeed, light paint colors can lift the space and make it breathe with an airy grace. Soft pastels or creamy tones work as an excellent counterbalance, offering your room a bright and open feel while respecting the wood’s majestic character.

What are Good Paint Colors for a Modern Look with Cherry Wood Floors?

For that sleek, modern aesthetic, consider crisp whites or cool grays to contrast with the warmth of the floors. These hues will provide a contemporary edge, producing a space that feels both grounded and on the cutting edge of design trends.

How Do Dark Paint Colors Affect Rooms with Cherry Wood Floors?

Dark paint can be a friend or foe—it’s all in the execution. It tends to make a room cozier, more intimate, but can risk a cramped feeling if overdone. Using dark colors as an accent feature, perhaps in tandem with brighter hues, can be an elegant solution.

Should Paint Color Match the Flooring or the Furniture?

Aim for complement, not an exact match. The room should be a symphony, not a solo, with each element playing off the other. Your paint can be a middle ground, harmonizing with both the deep notes of the flooring and the melody of the furniture.

What Are the Best Paint Finishes to Pair with Cherry Wood Floors?

Satin or eggshell finishes offer a slight sheen, allowing the depth of cherry wood floors to shine through without competing for attention. Matte finishes work well too, especially if you’re after a more subdued ambiance.

How Important is Natural Light when Choosing Paint Color for Cherry Wood Floors?

It’s vital; natural light can significantly alter how paint colors are perceived. In abundant light, colors tend to appear lighter and cooler, so you might opt for slightly warmer or richer shades to maintain balance.

It’s a delicate dance between color and light, each step calculated for perfect harmony.

Can I Use Multiple Paint Colors in a Room with Cherry Wood Floors?

Layers add complexity and depth—so yes, feel free to mix and match! Accent walls or architectural details in complementary colors can enhance the dynamism of the room. The key is cohesion: ensure each color chosen is part of a greater, deliberate palette.


Infusing a room with the perfect paint color to harmonize with your cherry wood floors isn’t just an act of design—it’s a form of art. Through the exploration of varied palettes, from the earthy embrace of neutrals to the daring whispers of bold accents, the journey reveals not only a room’s potential but also its soul.

  • A thoughtful balance of color harmony and room aesthetics serves as the crescendo to our symphonic endeavor in interior design.
  • Lines of contemporary paint trends are elegantly drawn, while timeless color schemes echo with historical reverence.
  • Embrace the profound effects of both cool and warm paint shades on your everyday experiences.
  • Let natural light dance with the hues you choose, nudging the mood of your space from dawn to dusk.

As the final brushstroke is placed, the result is a living tableau, where cherry wood floors and complementary walls perform in an endless, graceful ballet of color and light.


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