Imagine a breath of fresh air, a touch of spring’s first bloom—that’s the essence of mint green, a hue that captures both tranquility and revival.

In the canvas of a room, it whispers of newfound beginnings, a backdrop that yearns for complementary colors to complete its narrative. Deciphering color combinations that harmonize with mint green is both an art and a strategic endeavor.

Diving into the depths of color theory, this article unfurls the secrets of creating visually stunning spaces—painting a tapestry that pairs mint green with shades that not just complement but enhance its beauty.

Whether it’s the gentle pastel color palette that speaks of subtlety, or the bold contrast of complementary colors for a vibrant dialogue, each match narrates its own story.

Unlock the symphony of colors that resonate with mint green, from the soft green hues echoing nature’s serenity to the harmonious colors that craft a cocoon of comfort.

By the close, arm yourself with a palette that transforms spaces with chic, rejuvenating charm—paintbrush at the ready, let’s begin this chromatic journey.

Colors That Go With Mint Green

Color Pairing Visual Contrast Mood and Feel Suitable for Tips
Coral Moderate Warm and inviting Spring/summer fashion, beach-themed decor Pair with soft mint green tones to avoid overpowering
Navy Blue High Classic and sophisticated Formal attire, office decor Use as an anchor color against a lighter mint green backdrop
White Low Clean and refreshing Any space, minimalist designs Perfect for creating a crisp, open feel when combined with mint green
Gray Varies with shade Modern and sleek Industrial and modern interiors, wardrobes Light grays for a softer look, dark grays for bold contrast
Peach Moderate Soft and romantic Weddings, feminine branding, spring decor Ensure balance by using peach as an accent color

The Gray Color With Mint Green

Image source: Benjamin Moore

Cool tones like the gray color blend very well with the fresh green mint hue. In many cases, just a quick dash of gray brings elegance and class. For a more calming effect, you can opt for gray wall paint before adding mint green elements to break up the monotony.

White Wall Paint and Mint Green

Image source: Eric Roseff Designs

Both green and white are natural colors that bring an airy feeling to the setup. Thus, you can apply this color combo to your bedroom or kitchen space. White and green mint act as complementary colors that make the room look cozy and clean.

Combining Blush Pink With Mint Green

Image source: Bellas Artes

As made popular by ice cream parlors in the past, this subtle color palette holds an appeal even today. Blush pink and mint green look joyful and fun together. However, you shouldn’t overuse this color scheme in your living room. For a more balanced outcome, insert multiple black-and-white textures across the space.

For the kitchen, use green mint cabinets and blush link tiles. Then, pair them with rose gold appliances to highlight each hue better. Lastly, opting for black color on the floor is a modern way to round up the presentation.

The Black Color and Mint Green

Image source: Lef Living

Black is perhaps the optimal accent color when using green mint elements. It provides a sleek contrast that looks very trendy nowadays. The Martha O’Hara Interiors brand came up with a neat laundry room setup thanks to that interaction. To achieve a sophisticated outcome, they paired light fixtures with the right graphics on the floor.

Pairing Turquoise and Mint Green

Image source: G.A. White Homes

Although they share many similarities, you should treat turquoise and green mint as separate colors. In this example by G.A. White Homes, they use green mint as the background base for a turquoise vanity. The result is a fresh look that’s also bright and clean.

Using Light Brown With Mint Green

Image source: Cyndi Parker Interiors

Light brown is among the most used colors that go with mint green for interior design. Generally, any brown hue fits with mint green, though it’s best to choose a soft one. For example, light brown furniture is a natural pair for mint green walls. The result is a cozy and welcoming environment.

Aside from the living room, you can also follow that approach for your bathroom or kitchen areas. Since both colors are soft, they complement each other and remain easy on the eyes.

The Mint Green Color – Pale Blue Scheme

Image source: Meritage Homes

The mint green hue can be a part of a truly serene scene when next to a pale blue shade. Blue and green shoulder each other on the color wheel, meaning they are a natural pair. Thus, the lowly saturated pale blue and mint green variants are a tasteful choice.

Then, you can think about installing extra dimensions to that light interplay. For example, you can place some blue-violet elements to bring more zest. However, be careful with the stronger colors since you don’t want them overpowering the basic combo.

So, follow the 60-30-10 rule for a balanced color palette. To that end, you can also add mint green with your choice of potted house plants. As always, they lead to a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Beige Next to Mint Green Wall Color

Image source: Liz Williams Interiors

Beige is another neutral hue with an innately high softness factor. As such, it blends quite nicely with the mint green color in a myriad of situations. Liz Williams Design uses this combination for a casual yet sophisticated look. Then, they finish up the setup by adding dark hardwood flooring and strongly-shaded curtains.

The Blush Color With Mint Green

Image source: No Space Like Home

This is a great pair for your living or dining room. The pastel pink-and-green combo is a shortcut to a cozy and classic-feeling ambiance. Plus, you alter the intensity of these two hues depending on the rest of your space.

For the living room, this pair is an excellent backdrop for a more dominant centerpiece. A blush sofa with matching chairs is a proper candidate for that role.

The Lilac Color With Mint Green

Image source: Angie Hranowsky

Lilac is a soft purple hue that can look uneventful if overused. However, it’s an excellent pair for a fresher color like mint green. Together, they create a delicate contrast that looks classy and welcoming. Hence, you can implement this combo for a wide variety of use cases.

Taupe Shades and Mint Green

Image source: Tamara Day Design

Taupe is a gray-brown hue with earthy undertones that calls for a green counterpart. Thus, mint green fits into that picture by default, instantly making the scene livelier. Next, you can introduce cooler elements like navy blue for a comforting color palette.

Such combinations are perfect for any bedroom or a nursery room. Minty green and chocolate brown/taupe work off of each other in a playful manner.

Pairing Lavender With Mint Green

Image source: Crown Paint

Lavender is a soft color that goes with another pastel hue like mint green. In this example, Bella Mancini intertwines them together for a unique and fun outcome. Also, you can opt for the opposite approach and use mint green furniture instead of a lavender one.

The Green Mint Color With Yellow

Image source: KRU Designs

A saturated yellow hue next to the freshness of the mint green color is a natural combo and a classic choice. Together, they can be a part of a majestic mural when shooting for a more maximalist outcome. For optimal results, it’s best to use a sun-gold bright color reminiscent of lemons.

Combining Red With Mint Green

Image source: CM Natural Designs

Red is an excellent contrast to the coolness of mint green and the two result in a stylish interior design. The warm and cold themes clash without either side winning, meaning they bring elegance instead. However, you should opt for a muted red hue if you want to accentuate the mint green elements.

Light Oak Wood Color and Mint Green

Image source: inHabit Architecture and Design

Mint green belongs among classic wooden textures from the get-go. Those aiming for a homely setup where you can relax should freely implement this combo. For example, use light shades like pine and maple for a daring Scandi-chic style.

On the other hand, textures like teak and oak are perfect for a rustic and warm outcome. Aside from those, you can also use stronger wooden hues like walnut or mahogany. Hence, there are multiple tasteful methods for pairing wood and mint green.

The Teal Color and Mint Green

Image source: Annsley Interiors

Those rooting for a 60’s vibe should stick to the good old teal-and-mint green combo. Such a background color scheme is a great match for a kitchen full of vintage pieces. 22 Interiors came up with a more modern take on this approach using a geometric backsplash.

Mixing the Green Color With Mint Green

Image source: Viscusi Elson Interior Design – Gina Viscusi Elson

Green is a versatile base with a handful of hues that go very well with each other. However, don’t veer out of a mildly-saturated scheme unless you want a monochromatic outcome. For example, use blue undertones on the walls and a darker green hue for the furniture.

Gold and Mint Green

Image source: Smith Studios Ltd

Gold is the primary suspect when it comes to making a room look more regal and luxurious. Combining it with the freshness of the mint green hue is the right choice to make. So, if you’re using mint green wall paint, remember to add gold metallic finishes via the artwork.

The Tan Color With Mint Green

Image source: Hancock Lumber Kitchen Design Showroom

Tan is a natural match for mint green due to its innate warm undertones. As shown by Hancock Lumber Kitchen Design Showroom, they look sophisticated and charming together.

Peach Color and Mint Green

Image source: Carolina Marina Rodriguez

While using bright orange with mint green can overwhelm the space, the peach hue is a much better fit. By avoiding an overly saturated color scheme, you can easily liven up the space. For an ever cozier outcome, you can also throw blush or burgundy tones into the mix.

Using Pink Next to a Mint Green Bathroom Wall

Image source: Fireclay Tiles

Mint green and pink result in a soft, pastel combo that’s made for a modern-looking toilet. Fireclay Tiles opted for a classic approach by using green mint as the dominant color. Then, they added pink bath mats and matching towels to provide that contrast. The result is a charming color scheme that’s very easy on the eyes.

FAQ On Colors That Go With Mint Green

What Colors Harmonize with Mint Green in Interior Design?

Mint green, an homage to serenity, dances well with whites and beiges, crafting an atmosphere of calm and lightness.

Embrace the soft green hues, inviting in elements of nature, or play with mint color schemes that involve gentle pinks for nurtured warmth in any living space.

Can Mint Green Be Used as a Neutral Base?

Certainly, mint green takes on a neutral role with grace, especially in the realm of home décor brands.

When paired with minimalist designs and textures, this versatile shade lays a subtle foundation, ready to be accentuated by vibrant interior design colors or metallic accents.

Is Mint Green Suitable for Smaller Rooms?

The versatility of mint green sees no bounds; it gifts smaller rooms with the illusion of space. The light green shades of mint, coupled with reflective surfaces and strategic lighting, turn diminutive areas into open, airy havens.

How Does Mint Green Affect Mood and Atmosphere?

Channeling the essence of color psychology, mint green breathes tranquility into an environment. This soft palette calmer induces relaxation and mental clarity, making it a preferred choice for bedrooms and bathrooms where peace is paramount.

What Color Furniture Complements Mint Green Walls?

Natural wood finishes bask in the companionship of mint green, as do pieces in white or cream. For those seeking a modern twist, complementary colors such as coral or navy blue furniture infuse energy without overwhelming the mint green aesthetic.

Which Textile Patterns Go Best with Mint Green?

Floral prints revel in mint green’s company, fostering a garden-esque charm. Geometric patterns, in subdued tones, evoke sophistication.

Consider the color coordination with Shades of mint as a backdrop, which allows for a stylish interplay between pattern and solid in drapes and cushions.

Is Mint Green Appropriate for Every Season?

Mint green, much like the seasonal color palette, transitions effortlessly between seasons. It reflects the rejuvenation of spring and maintains coolness during summer.

With the right accessories, it also holds its own in autumn and blends into the wintry mix as a hint of spring hope.

How to Incorporate Mint Green into Wedding Colors?

Weddings embrace mint green with open arms, paired with soft pinks for romance or gold for opulence. It’s adaptable for themes from rustic country to elegant garden, playing well with Spring colors and floral arrangements to set a tone of tender beginnings.

What Lighting Choices Best Highlight Mint Green?

Cool, white lighting magnifies mint green’s crispness, while warm, yellow-toned lights deepen its coziness. Aim for a balance to accentuate the wall’s mint colour schemes without distorting the true hue that is anchored in color coordination techniques.

Does Mint Green Work Well in a Professional Setting?

Indeed, mint green finds its place in professional environments, inspiring creativity without sacrificing formality.

Paired with darker woods or black and whites, it creates a workspace that is both refreshing and focused, ideal for those thinking of office color schemes that motivate without distracting.


As our exploration of colors that go with mint green unfurls, we witness a spectrum where nature’s whispers converge with artistic flair.

  • The soft embrace of pastel color palettes
  • Bold statements from complementary colors
  • The subtle sophistication of neutral shades

Each of these choices resonates with the essence that mint green embodies; a fusion of calmness and rejuvenation.

In the sanctuary of our own abodes, the hues we choose are more than just pigments; they are narrators of our story. Mint green decor offers a versatile canvas, inviting a personal touch that can shift with the seasons or remain timeless.

Whether igniting a spark of fresh energy in a fashion color trend, or crafting a tranquil corner with harmonious colors, remember, mint green is your ally. It molds to your vision, pairs with your chosen accents, and flourishes under your guidance. Let the colors you blend with it reflect the uniqueness of your own palette—authentically, boldly, beautifully.


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