Imagine a canvas, your home, against the backdrop of a sunset’s embrace – that’s the magnetic allure of red brick. Enveloping an establishment with an aura of timeless elegance, red brick walls beckon a symphony of colors to complement their fiery cheer.

Here, amidst the dance of shades, the quest for the ideal hues to accompany this architectural classic unfolds.

Selecting the right palette is no mere fancy; it breathes life into spaces, accentuating charm and amplifying visual appeal. Unearthing this harmony is not just about aesthetic pleasure but also about enhancing the character and value of your property.

As you delve into this article, unravel the secrets of color coordination that transform a mere building into a visual arts masterpiece.

From the warm color palette of earth tones to the subtle elegance of complementary accents, we shall voyage through a spectrum of choices tailored for red brick.

By the end, envision yourself armed with the knowledge to unleash a radiant symphony of colors, each a loyal ally to the robust beauty of red brick.

Colors That Go With Red Brick

Colors That Go With Red Brick Visual Appeal Usage Complementary Styles Considerations
Cream or Beige Softens the brick’s appearance Great for trim, doors, and accents Traditional and contemporary homes Avoid shades too close to the brick color to ensure contrast
Sage Green Adds a natural, earthy touch Works well for shutters and doors Rustic and cottage-style homes Ensure the green is muted and not too vibrant
Navy Blue Creates a strong contrast Suitable for doors and window trim Nautical and classic themes A deep shade works best, not too bright
Charcoal Offers a modern and bold look Ideal for accents and feature walls Urban and industrial styles Pair with lighter trims to balance darkness
Soft White Brightens and highlights red brick Commonly used for trim and molding Versatile, suits various designs Pure white can be stark, opt for a warmer tone

The Best Interior Paint Colors for Red Brick House

Image source: Kai Cross Design

To settle on the most fitting complementary colors, start by identifying the base color of the bricks. You can compare them to a color wheel for that purpose. Next, once you understand the tone of your brick wall, proceed to select paint samples.

Black and Red Brick Combination

Image source:  SQ Projects

This is one of the most effective ways to accentuate the reddish brick accent wall color. Painting black shades over random places on the wall highlight the color of the wall. This is an effective method even for an exterior brick wall.

Image source: Union Studio

For your living room, you can paint the outline of the fireplace with thick black color. Also, think about using black shutters to divert more attention to the brick wall. The same goes for the window frames and the frame around your front door.

Creamy White on Red Brick Wall

Image source: Prime 1 Builders

If you have a red brick wall on a single side of your room, then creamy white paint is one of the best choices for the rest. You’ll find many similar paint colors that go with red brick in popular magazines nowadays. For the best outcome, pick a shade with warm undertones. Also, you can opt for creamy color with a soft brown hue.

Thus, the creamy off-white paint can compliment red brick colors by introducing more contrast. At the same time, it will keep the overall warm tone of your space.

Combining Green Paint Color With Dark Grey

Image source:  Mark Radcliff interior

Most people opt for the orange-dominated red brick wall for their living rooms. Hence, it’s best to brighter those bright overtones with darker shades. Green and dark grey work very well for such a scenario. Plus, they protect the earthy finish from direct sunshine and other dangers.

Dark Blue on Red Brick Walls

Image source: Egue y Seta

A navy blue color palette goes great with walls of muted red color. Hence, double-check how far on the dark spectrum your interior wall falls beforehand. Installing another darker color is a tasteful solution, though aim for moderation when doing so. If possible, try to combine them with a brighter contrast on a nearby corner.

Image source: Build Now NYC

Currently, Dark Night is among the most popular neutral solutions you can apply. This blue shade is also a great substitute for dark grey or black color. Hence, you can easily pair it with a red brick wall.

Taupe, Sage Green, and Red Brick

Image source: Crisp Architects

Green and red are a natural duo, and using them on your exterior wall is an excellent idea. Regarding a full red brick house, sage green is a clear favorite. Since it is a muted shade, it highlights the red base beautifully.

Using Gray/Light Gray on a Red Brick Wall

Image source: ModelDeco

This is one of those choices that are highly dependent on the exact shade of red brick you’re using. Then, look for a warmer hue within the gray color wheel to pair with the red. On the other hand, you can also pick some blue-gray if it fits with the rest of the setup.

Image source: Union Studio

Such combinations add more dimension to an otherwise tightly confined space. Thus, you can use it strategically to alter the entire feel of your living room. Generally, experts recommend it when repainting your hallway or kitchen space.

White on a Red Brick Wall

Image source: kimberly peck architect

Infusing white accents around your red-brick interior is a great way to elevate the ambiance of the room. Also, white remains a sure-shot pick whenever you don’t feel like exploring too many options. Hence, a more blended color scheme will do the trick and look stylish at the same time.

Image source: Teakwood Builders, Inc.

White is the most reflective color, so you can install it in places where sun rays won’t often reach. Hence, you can paint the wall opposite of the red brick area in something like White Dove. This will add a soft glow to the space, without overpowering the classic feel of the red brick wall. So, it’s a neat solution that won’t stand in stark contrast to the rest of the setup.

Applying Orange or Yellow Paint Over Red Brick

Image source:  Bakamis Design Group

This is a very eye-catching contemporary design style. Placing strong yellow shades next to a deep dark red brick wall produces an uplifting outcome. It creates a citrusy look that’s both unique and fun to look at.

Image source: DHD Architecture and Interior Design

Of course, there are many sub-versions of this combination you can experiment with. For example, if you find the clashing of two bright colors to be too much, opt for pastels instead. Either way, the orange-yellow-red combination brings a splash of color to any space you wish to apply it. So, use it to create a cozy and warm living room or a fun kid’s bedroom.

Red and Brown Brick Wall

Image source:  Louisville Handyman, Inc.

The brown color is also a logical choice when using red brick in your interior design. Dark brown supports the rustic look and fits nicely into the overall theme. Plus, it is easy to maintain and goes with most types of furniture. You can also use it as an exterior paint color.

The Greige Color Combinations With Red Brick

Image source: Think Contemporary

Adding a neutral color next to red brick is far less risky than going for the darker colors. Nowadays, light greige is the go-to substitute for something like charcoal gray. Generally, all colors that go with red brick are neutral, meaning they work with the accent color. Therefore, combining greige with red brick is a sophisticated way to cozy up the place.

Conclusion on the Colors That Go With Red Brick

Image source: StruXture Photography

There are many tasteful color combinations that complement red brick houses. For the best results, remember to pay attention when repainting the side elements as well. That category includes doorways, windows, fireplaces, etc. In this article, we’ve covered the most suitable solutions you should consider the next time you work on red brick walls.

FAQ On Colors That Go With Red Brick

What Color Accents Best Complement Red Brick?

Painting your home’s trims with a classic white offers a crisp, sharp contrast, elevating the red brick’s rich warm tones. It’s a timeless duo that has adorned countless red brick homes, never failing to impart that touch of sophistication.

How Do I Choose the Right Trim Color for My Red Brick House?

Consider the mortar’s hue; a lighter mortar invites darker trims like smoky gray or navy blue, creating a visually striking exterior design. While a darker mortar pairs well with softer tones, think cream or beige, for a harmonious color scheme.

Can I Use Bold Colors with Red Brick?

Absolutely! Bold colors like deep greens or midnight blue add drama and depth. But balance is key; ensure to distribute these accent colors strategically to avoid overwhelming the natural beauty of your home facade.

What Are Some Natural Colors That Go With Red Brick?

Earthy colors, such as forest greens, browns, or tans, reinforce the organic character of red brick. They mirror the natural color schemes found in landscapes, effortlessly resonating with the environment and enhancing the home aesthetics.

Is It Possible to Match Red Brick with Cooler Tones?

Cooler tones like blues and grays carry a serene vibe that can offset the intensity of red brick. A light gray siding offers a contemporary twist, while soft blues bring a breezy freshness, playing into the updated color trends for brick houses.

How Should I Approach Choosing Paint Colors for a Red Brick Interior?

Indoors, think beyond the wall. Furniture and decor in olive green or charcoal interact with red brick walls intriguingly, fashioning a cozy, inviting interior design that speaks volumes about your personal style and home aesthetic.

What Guidelines Should I Follow for Red Brick and Roof Color Coordination?

Align the roof color with the brick’s undertone. A warm red brick pairs naturally with a similarly warm roofing color, like terracotta tiles.

If your brick has a cooler undertone, consider slate gray for your roof, ensuring a visual harmony between these architectural styles.

Does Lighting Affect How I Should Choose Complementary Colors for Red Brick?

Indeed, natural climate and light play a critical role. Sunlight can wash out lighter colors or warm up cooler ones. Always test paint samples at different times to observe how shifting light influences your chosen palette’s interaction with red brick.

What Are the Best Practices for Testing Paint Colors Against Red Brick?

Apply a sizable swatch directly adjacent to the brick, and observe it during various times of the day. This direct comparison underlines how colors react under natural light, essential for making a confident, informed choice.

How Can I Ensure My Color Choices Will Stand the Test of Time?

Opt for hues that don’t just follow the latest fad, but respect the enduring nature of your historic preservation.

Classic neutrals and shades that reflect the landscape’s permanence are usually safe bets for maintaining the property value of your red brick abode.


Embarking on the journey of pairing colors that go with red brick, it’s essential to remember the symphony created between modernity and timelessness. The choices unfold across a spectrum—from the bold whispers of sage green to the soft echo of sandy beige.

  • Nature’s Deep Greens integrate harmoniously with the rustic brick, weaving a narrative that finds its roots in the earth itself.
  • Ivory Trims crown the design, standing as a testament to the classical allure that red brick naturally embodies.

The alchemy of finding the perfect color is not just about aesthetics but crafting an ambiance. It holds the power to transform a mere structure into a resonant home, echoing the personality and stories of those within. As varied hues reach across the canvas of brick, a bespoke palette is born, serving not just as a reflection of one’s style but as an extension of the home’s soul, ensuring each glance is a lasting impression.


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