Embrace the splendor of a sky at dusk; royal blue unfurls its grandeur, beckoning companions to share in its magnificence.

Embarking on a journey through the spectrum, you’ll discover colors that go with royal blue—a regal hue that reigns with a quiet yet resounding power.

Within these pages, you will gain insights that fuse color theory with practical applications. From the soft whisper of misty grays to the luxuriant echo of gilded tones, understand how to wield this noble shade in a symphony of style.

Boldly encounter spaces transformed by intentional color choices, where royal blue’s partners extol their virtues in quiet cohesion.

By the final word, envision yourself fluent in the language of color relations: enigmatic, enthralling, unequivocally impactful.

faqThis is not mere decoration; it is a declaration of a space’s soul. Walk with me as I reveal the color wheel coordination, the home decor harmonies, and the fashion statements that pay homage to royal blue’s storied legacy.

Colors That Go With Royal Blue

Colors that Go with Royal Blue Visual Contrast Mood/Feeling Evoked Ideal Use Complementary Observations
White High contrast; makes royal blue pop Clean and classic; contrast creates a fresh and crisp look Formal occasions, weddings, nautical and beach themes White is a universal matcher and can lighten the intensity of royal blue
Gold Mid to high contrast depending on the shade of gold Luxurious and sophisticated; brings warmth to the coolness of royal blue Parties, elegant events, or graphic design to add a rich accent Gold works well for accessories and detailing for a touch of opulence
Silver Mid contrast; provides a sleek and modern feel Modern and sleek; gives a cool, contemporary aesthetic Contemporary settings, winter themes, technology themes Silver and royal blue combined have a futuristic vibe
Yellow High contrast; very eye-catching Cheerful and vibrant; can be energizing and playful Casual wear, summer events, sports teams Bright yellows are especially good for creating lively and bold contrasts
Grey Low to mid contrast; subtler than white Sophisticated and balanced; neither overpowers the other Professional settings, interior design, formal wear Grey offers a muted backdrop, allowing royal blue to stand out without overwhelming

How to Pair Royal Blue With White

Image source: Interiors by Maite Granda

You can hardly go wrong with white walls as an interior design solution. Unsurprisingly, it works even in the case of an accent color like dark royal blue. The result is a serene scenery that feels airy and welcoming. Hence, it’s a great combination for a bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

For the best results, you can either paint the walls white or add accents of that color around the room. You can do so via the furniture, by adding various decorative pieces, etc.

Combining Beige With Royal Blue

Image source: TEW Design Studio

Beige is a neutral color that goes well with royal blue or a navy blue tint. Such a mixture leads to a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation. To achieve it, you can even paint the walls royal blue and add beige furniture elements.

Therefore, beige is a versatile choice that you can experiment with. It serves as a great background for a number of royal blue accents or even lighter shades.

Yellow and Royal Blue Dining Room

Image source: Debbie Basnett Interiors, LLC

Yellow is a cheerful color by default, meaning it contrasts with any blue shade from the get-go. However, they can look vibrant together, resulting in a unique color scheme. For the best results, follow the 60-30-10 interior design rule.

In this case, apply 60% of the chosen base color for the entire room. Then, proceed by adding 30 % of the royal blue shad. Finally, fill up the remaining 10% with a bright yellow hue. That way, you’ll create a cheerful setup that will keep your guests entertained.

The Pink Color With Royal Blue

Image source: Summer Thornton Design, Inc

For a more energetic outcome, you can try pairing pink with royal blue. Both of those shades bring a touch of red that allows them to work with each other. However, you should bring royal blue to the forefront by opting for a light pink shade.

Using royal blue furniture and soft pink pillows is an excellent solution. They create an attention-grabbing setup with a high fun factor as well.

The Tan Color Scheme and Royal Blue

Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Tan is a neutral base that can accentuate the beauty of the royal blue color. Hence, you can use it to give a truly regal vibe to your living space. Many deem that combination a classic choice, and for good reason.

In practice, it’s best to use royal blue as the basis for any medium-sized furniture. Thus, look for sofas in that color. Next, apply tan on the walls and place rugs in that soft shade.

Do Royal Blue Pairs With Blush Pink?

Image source: Love Your Home

Blush pink is a versatile color that can play the perfect match for royal blue. This is because both colors are luxurious and elegant. Royal blue adds style to any space, while blush pink is a type of softer regal color. Thus, you can opt for royal blue walls with multiple blush pink elements placed around the room.

Orange and Terracotta Against Royal Blue

Image source: Auckland Home Show

The brightness of the orange color is a natural pair with cool accents of royal blue. As a result, they complement each other in a tasteful way. After all, bright orange and the color blue are analogous colors.

If you aim for a Moroccan setup, try pairing terracotta with royal blue as well. For example, insert terracotta next to a fireplace surrounded by royal blue paint. Then, add a more upbeat feeling via velvet orange elements and similarly vibrant options.

Dark Brown Next to a Royal Blue Wall

Image source: Collins DuPont Design Group

Dark brown is an intense hue that’s asking for a softer counterpart. As a result, it works great in combination with royal blue. For example, paint the walls royal blue before setting dark brown furniture. The resulting contrast creates a calming effect fitting for any room of your house. Then, you can insert several elements in light colors to preserve the balance.

The Gray Color With Royal Blue

Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Pairing gray with royal blue may seem depressing at first, but it’s actually a glamorous solution. It also adds a modern look that goes with various types of furniture and home entertainment sets. For the best outcome, stick to the darker shades of gray. That contrast is a great way to fill up the space without it looking monochrome.

However, you can also add other shades of gray with moderation. Gray looks fresh on many living room items, especially in front of a royal blue background. To make the setup seem more dynamic, you can implement some white additions in between.

Black Accessories and Royal Blue

Image source: Lucid Interior Design Inc.

Black and royal blue is a timeless combination that you can freely implement today. It brings elegance and high style since both colors complement each other very well. For example, you can simply place black accessories across the room with royal blue walls. The reverse approach can also work since royal blue elements look great on a black wall.

Pairing Dark Green With Royal Blue

Image source: Norlan Painting

Green and blue are analogous colors by default, meaning their shades fit together as well. This is a harmonious combination that’s perfect as a living room décor. For this setup, the list of possible green hues has several entries.

So, you can pick between sage, forest, or dark green depending on the rest of your setup. You can apply any of those solutions when repainting your bathroom or bedroom areas.

The Teal Color and Royal Blue

Image source: Thomas Loof

Although they’re both shades of blue, teal and royal blue are different enough to be a pair. Hence, they can result in a fun mash of overtones that’s pleasing to the eye. For the best outcome, utilize the 60-30-10 rule.

Champagne Color With Royal Blue

Image source: Anne Pyne

The softness of the champagne hue works very well with the regal royal blue shade. It accentuates the cool undertones and contrasts the darker shades within the room. Therefore, you can easily create a welcoming ambiance by bringing champagne and royal blue together.

Mixing Red With Royal Blue

Image source: Interiors by Maite Granda

Red undertones can work on a royal blue base, though the result can be more intense than you intended. Hence, this combination requires careful planning. Both red and royal blue can dominate the space, and using too much of them can overwhelm the scene. Instead, use the red color sparingly while inserting neutral tones like the color tan.

Gold Accents and Royal Blue

Image source: Carolyn Miller Interiors

The gold hue adds warmth and elegance wherever applied. Plus, it is one of the natural pairings for royal blue since they’re both luxurious colors. In practice, royal blue’s cool effect is only exacerbated by the brightness of the gold color.

To make this combo work, you can add gold ornaments to a royal blue wall or gold pillows on a royal blue sofa. Also, you can devote a single side of your inner walls to one of these colors. Either way, try to offset their boldness by adding extra light textures elsewhere.

The Neon Colors and Royal Blue Combination

Image source: Montgomery Roth Architecture & Interior Design

In this scenario, royal blue plays the part of the neutral base for the stronger neon hues. Their interaction is fun and also soothing, meaning you can use it even in a kid’s bedroom. Alternatively, you can opt for a more classic approach with a white paint color. Then, add royal blue furniture complemented by a handful of neon elements.

Pairing Hot Pink With Royal Blue

 Image source: ArtWright

Hot pink has that “pizzazz” factor when combined with a cooler shade. Therefore, pair it with royal blue for a unique outcome perfect for a stylish living room.

Using Lime Green Next to Royal Blue Walls

Image source: Pillar 3 Design Group

Those shooting for a more dramatic flair should consider the lime green-royal blue combination. These colors mesh together well, though you should measure the presence of the lime green beforehand. For example, consider using a royal blue cabinet with trims in the lime green color.

Such items belong in a cozy dining area and look great alongside chairs in a matching color. The living room is another space where you can apply this scheme.

FAQ On Colors That Go With Royal Blue

What are complementary colors for royal blue in fashion?

In fashion’s vibrant dialogue, royal blue announces its presence. It longs for a dance with orange hues, the joyous tango of complementary contrasts.

But don’t shy away from a flirtation with coral or rich amber. The interplay casts a transformative spell, creating ensembles that breathe with intention and boldness.

How do I incorporate royal blue into my home decor?

Home decor whispers secrets of personal style. Royal blue bellows with a confidence that soften when paired with light greys for a tranquil atmosphere, or when it encounters metallic tones—think gold—for an air of opulence.

This pairing adorns spaces with a brush of modern meets majestic.

What colors match royal blue for a wedding theme?

Matrimony sings a melody, and royal blue is a harmonious note. For your wedding colors, envision a palette where serene ivories and delicate pastels echo vows of eternal love.

Consider the gentle embrace of blush pink or the serene touch of sage green, setting a stage of elegance and grace.

In graphic design, which colors work well with royal blue?

Graphic design’s quest for visual impact finds an ally in royal blue. This valorous blue craves the presence of white for crispness or a soft silver to balance its dominance.

Adding burgundy, you maneuver through the palette, establishing a visual that resonates with strength and clarity.

Can I use royal blue in my branding and marketing?

Certainly! In branding, colors convey essence, and royal blue signifies excellence. Harmonize it with minimalist blacks and pristine whites to exude professionalism.

Embrace a blend with tangerine or teal for more vibrancy, crafting an identity that’s both trusted and dynamic, reflecting the core of your brand values.

Which paints go well with royal blue for art projects?

When art weaves its tales, royal blue paints boldly, conjoining with emerald greens and deep purples. They mingle like old friends on canvas, offering a spectacle of depth.

For a jolt of energy, dashes of bright lemon yellow will infuse the composition with a radiant vibrancy.

What are the best color combinations with royal blue for web design?

Web design thrives on color psychology and a keen hex code selection. Pairing royal blue with soft neutrals yields a digital realm of calm.

Infuse it amid charcoal grays and whites for a professional aesthetic. This sophisticated dance draws eyes, captivates hearts, and imbues trust.

Is royal blue a good choice for seasonal fashion?

A versatile sovereign, royal blue transcends the boundaries of seasons. For summer’s caress, it pairs with bright whites or turquoise.

Come winter’s embrace, it finds solace in deep reds or forest greens, crafting a year-round narrative that celebrates the spectrum’s diversity sprinkled through time’s endless loop.

Which colors complement royal blue for makeup and beauty?

In beauty’s ornate symphony, royal blue is a statement. It revels in the presence of warm bronzes or metallic silvers, creating a glance that’s vibrant.

To adorn the visage, choose complementary shades within the spectrum, highlighting features with golden hues or subtle rose for a look that’s both timeless and daring.

What is the best way to accessorize with royal blue?

Accessorizing with royal blue is both an art and a statement. One congregates a joyous assembly of crisp whites or the boldness of black in sleek belts or scarves.

For a fashion twist, incorporate leather browns or subdued mustards, crafting a juxtaposition that’s elegant and speaks of curated taste that’s distinctly yours.


In our traversal through the realm of colors that go with royal blue, we’ve uncovered a tapestry that intertwines the bold with the subtle, the bright with the understated. An odyssey, each turn revealing how with complementary colors and analogous pairings, royal blue finds its court amongst a myriad of hues.

Pause at the threshold of creation, where your space stands ready to be swathed in the regal cloak of this vibrant monarch. Consider the serene balance brought forth by dusty grays, or the dynamic energy of sunset orange highlights.

Dwell upon the knowledge:

  • Royal blue and crisp whites delineate a classic sophistication.
  • Pairings with soft pastels offer a tranquil embrace.
  • The juxtaposition with metallics proffers a luxuriant splendor.

Imbue environments with the spirit of royal blue. Every stroke, a testament to refinement. Let these pairings be your palette; the canvas of life awaits, brimming with the potential for beauty that echoes through the ages.

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