Imagine unraveling a color so versatile it dances between the coolness of blue and the depth of green. That’s teal for you — a hue that captures the essence of both sea and sky, offering a sense of calm with a dash of mystery.

Interior design isn’t just about filling a space; it’s about curating an experience, an ambiance that whispers tales of elegance and serenity.

As we navigate the intricacies of interior color trends with teal, prepare for a journey that reveals how this enigmatic shade can become your secret decor weapon.

From the soft whispers of pastels to the bold declarations of vibrant combinations, teal adapts, creating harmonious color pairings that resonate with emotion and style.

You’re in for a treat, discovering teal decor ideas that redefine spaces.

Whether it’s the backbone of your design or a subtle nod through accents, this article decodes the complementary colors for teal that promise a cohesive and captivating interior design narrative.

Dive in, and let’s infuse your habitat with a palette that’s as timeless as it is trendy.

Colors that go with teal

Color Combination Mood/Effect Ideal for Complementary Textures Accent Elements
White Fresh, Clean Minimalistic Themes, Small Spaces Linen, Cotton Chrome Fixtures, White Frames
Gray Sophisticated, Modern Contemporary Settings, Office Spaces Wool, Velvet Metallic Accents, Glass Decor
Coral Vibrant, Playful Eclectic Styles, Creative Spaces Silk, Satin Gold Accents, Coral Pillows
Gold Luxurious, Warm Elegant Interiors, Glam Themes Brocade, Metallic Fabrics Gold Mirrors, Ornate Lamps
Navy Blue Classic, Grounding Traditional Decors, Nautical Themes Denim, Heavy Canvas Nautical Art, Dark Wood Elements

Teal and Blonde Wood

Image source: Rachel Bauer

One of the top colors that go with teal is blonde wood. When you pair teal with white, you could be left with a stark color, while blonde wood pairs with a combination of balanced chicness.

Teal and Beige

Image source: Lolo Mestanza

When you use teal and beige in a combination, the use of teal as a highlight color works great.

When you are looking at one of the top colors that go with teal, you will often hear to combine the warm neutrality of beige with teal. It is a modern and trendy look.

Teal and Gray

Image source: Tollgard Design Group

The calm sophistication of teal combines exceptionally well with the bland color which grey is often described as. If you want to know what colors go with teal and gray, you have another array of complimenting colors.

One of the top colors that go with teal and gray is black, yellow, and red. Blue would look great too.

Teal and golden wood

Image source: Valia Design

While golden wood isn’t a color in a color chart, with its appearance of golden yellow, brown and orange combination.

It is exceptionally warm, and a complementary color to teal which is also a warm color. A teal-painted wall, for example, will complement the décor when you place a golden wood cupboard in front of it.

Teal and Black – Deep Elegant Look

Image source: IMI Design, LLC

You will often see people asking, does green and black match since these colors are both capable of leaving a room with a dark feel to it. The same goes for a black and teal color combination, but at the same time these two colors play perfectly off one another.

The best recommendation would be to use it sparingly and in a large space like a large living room or bar area. A great idea would be a partially black wall with a teal cabinet or bar in front of it for a striking focal point in your room.

Teal and copper

Image source: Nisha Tailor Interior Design.LLC

Copper is a rich décor color and when you look for good colors that compliment teal, copper is a great option when you want a stunning and visually striking area in your home.

Both colors are warm, rich, and saturated and have the potential to create an inviting area that is especially suitable in kitchens. 

Teal and Tan

Image source: Arete Culture

As one of the top neutral colors, teal compliments the rather blandness of tan.

While the tan gives warmth, the teal accents that you can add like a knitted throw or pillows against tan bedding or sofas add an elegant touch. 

Teal and Gold

Image source: High Fashion Home

A dark teal and gold combination leaves you with a sophisticated appearance. Metallic gold contrasts beautifully with the dignity and warmth that you get with teal.

When you use gold as a teal complementary color, make sure that the shapes of the two colors are similar in order to emphasize its connection when the rest of your room is neutral. 

Teal and Brown

Image source: Belle Maison Interior Design

Brown is an excellent contrast color for teal and a popular pairing that homeowners have been using for decades. while brown can be a bland color, teal has the power to make a lounge or any part of your home pop.

Great colors that go with teal and brown include shades of brown, for example, different leather in darker or lighter than the rest of the brown combinations. Desks, headboards, side tables, and more in brown with teal accent offer a retro and modern look to the interior décor of a home. 

Teal and Pink

Image source: Charleston Building and Development

Paint colors that go with teal include pink especially when it is soft pink for example in a girl’s bedroom with softly painted pink walls and teal bedding.

It also looks amazing in a lounge and dining room with teal as the main color to add color to the softness of the pink. When you combine pink as a teal complementary color, you can also think about adding a splash of navy blue. 

Teal and Mustard

A mustard and teal color combination is interesting, to say the least. You will get loads of people that omit mustard as part of their décor as they think it is too much.

The color combination of yellow mustard is often seen as ugly, but it could create one of the most memorable and unique combinations. When you pair teal and mustard in a combination of soft neutrals it is modern and peaceful with a touch of color.

Teal and Cobalt Blue

When you opt for a teal and blue color scheme, you certainly have a calm and topical décor that will look amazing in any part of your home.

Most people that look at colors that go with teal, neglect to think about the richness of joining cobalt blue and teal. Both are bold and teal’s warmness compliments the sharpness of cobalt blue. 

Teal and Red (or Ruby Red)

Image source: Lenox House Design

You might shy away from red when you think of what color goes with teal walls. However, a popular choice when you want to create a striking wall and focal point in a large room are teal wall colors which you break with a splash of red.

For example, a red ottoman, lamp or chair in front of a teal wall or red cushions on a teal chair, etc. when you play around with these bold and warm colors you will find ruby red a very complementary color for teal. 

Teal and Taupe

Image source: The ML Group Architecture

Taupe is an interesting teal color combination as it creates a visual interest to an otherwise bland appearance. Taupe in itself is a blend of brown-grey and the addition of teal will create a great contrast.

Teal and Cream – Soft yet Striking Look

Image source: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Excellent complementary color for teal is cream. Cream is one of the warmest neutral colors and a smooth, soft color, especially when compared to the starkness of white.

It is one of the recommended colors that go with teal when you want to create a bold, but less striking match than for example white. The cream and the teal color combination is luxurious and visually striking.

FAQ about colors that go with teal

What Colors Complement Teal in a Living Room?

Teal’s a chameleon, isn’t it? In living rooms, it loves the company of muted grays or soft beige. They don’t fight for attention, just sit alongside teal, like good friends at a cozy gathering. Add in some gold accents, and you’ve got a vibe that’s relaxed yet upscale.

Can Teal Work in a Modern Minimalist Interior?

Absolutely! Teal can be a knockout in minimalist spaces. Picture this: stark white walls, an open-concept space, and then bam! A teal sofa, standing proud and oh-so-chic. It’s that pop of color that takes ‘minimal’ to ‘minimal magic.’

How Do I Balance Teal in a Busy Patterned Room?

Patterns and teal, they can get along. Think about harmony. If your room’s a symphony of patterns, let teal be the conductor. Just a few teal elements – pillows, a throw, a piece of art. They guide the eye, bring order to the chaos. It’s all about balance.

What Is the Best Way to Introduce Teal into a Neutral Palette?

Who says neutral’s boring? Not with a dash of teal, it isn’t. Start with something small – a vase, a lamp, maybe a rug. These touches, they wake up a room. And the neutral setting? It makes sure teal doesn’t shout; it sings.

Does Teal Pair Well with Wood Finishes in Furniture?

Oh, it’s a love story, this one. Teal and wood? They’re perfect together. Dark wood brings out teal’s depth, the rich grains complementing its cool tones. Light wood, on the other hand, offers a crisp contrast that’s subtle and sophisticated. It’s nature and color in sweet, sweet harmony.

What Are the Do’s and Don’ts When Pairing Teal with Metallics?

Do go for brushed brass or gold – they’re like sunshine on a blue sea. They warm up teal, give it that touch of luxe. But don’t overdo it with the shinier metals; too much shine can throw off the balance. You want harmony, not a disco ball effect.

How Can I Use Teal in a Child’s Bedroom Without Overpowering the Space?

Kids’ rooms, they’re meant to be fun, right? But teal can be strong. So, use it in doses. A teal bookshelf, some bedding maybe. Pair it with softer shades, like pale yellow or lavender. It brings a bit of whimsy without going overboard. Fun, yet restful.

Is Teal a Good Choice for Kitchen Cabinets or Backsplash?

Think about this: A kitchen is the heart of the home. And teal? It’s like the perfect spice – unexpected, but oh-so-right. Teal cabinets offer a cool sophistication, while a teal backsplash adds a splash of personality. Pair with neutrals, and your kitchen’s both inviting and stylish.

Which Lighting Options Best Highlight Teal Accents in Decor?

Lighting, it can make or break a color. With teal, go for warm, soft lighting. It enhances the color’s depth, makes it feel alive. Steer clear of harsh, overly bright lights – they can wash out teal, make it lose its mojo. Think ambient, think glow.

For a Home Office, How Can Teal Help with Productivity?

We all need a bit of zen in our workspaces, right? Teal, it’s known for its calming vibes. A teal accent wall, some stationery, or even just a plant pot – they can help focus the mind. Pair with white or soft grays, and you’ve got a space that’s both serene and conducive to creativity.


We’ve ventured far and wide through the realm of colors that go with teal in interior design. It’s clear, almost like the perfect clarity of a summer sky, that teal has the prowess to harmonize with an array of colors—each bringing a distinct flavor to the space it graces. We’ve seen it sing in tandem with warm neutrals, command attention alongside bold hues, and whisper gently with soft pastels.

Now you’re armed with secrets—the kind that transforms spaces. Those teal-touched interiors, they’re not just rooms; they’re reflections of an artful dance of colors. A dance you choreograph, with teal as the lead and complementary colors as the ensemble.

Go forth, splatter that creativity onto your canvas of walls and furnishings. Let teal’s versatility inspire you, whether you’re crafting a tranquil haven or a vibrant hub of energy. Thank the stars for this chameleon hue, because when it comes to teal, the possibilities stretch as wide as the horizon itself.

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